5 Ideas To Make Your Cubicle Feel More Like Home

The hectic lives we live make us spend most of our time in the office. After a while, your tiny little space where you slouch behind your keyboard everyday causes stress and you feel bored and unmotivated when you stare into the same old plain environment. So, instead of living most of your life in an unpleasant surroundings, invest a little effort to make your cubicle resemble home brimming with positive vibes. Tweak up your office space to make it seem cosier, more home-like and it will inspire you to be more satisfied and productive.


Embrace colours and get productive

Colours play an important role when it comes to our state of mind. Some make you feel pleasant, others bring about productivity and creativity and some even make you angry. Transform your cubicle into something better by opting for green hues which will soothe your eyes and make you think you are on a holiday surrounded with tropical plants. With a pop of orange, which is believed to boost creativity and productivity, you will breathe in the fresh air to your work life.

Get creative with photos

Nothing screams more home than a lot of family and other photos you have taken by yourself. If you are an arty person and into photography, have your best pieces of work printed and you will feel positive vibes everywhere at work. It will make you smile every time you look at your photos and pump your energy levels to survive the entire day. Hang those on a wall and whenever you feel dull lift your chin up by simply glancing. If you are not fond of photos, you can check some nice clocks to boost your space. There are a lot of creatively designed clocks online you should consider.

Let it be comfortable

If your working space seems uncomfortable and you cannot work for home, you should spice things up a bit to be cosier. Bring some cushions from your home to get rid of the same old back pain you get because the chair you are sitting on is uncomfortable. Do not forget to bring a pair of computer glasses to minimize headaches and get free from the pressure you constantly feel in your eyes. Glance every now and then into something green and you will be instantly better.


Storage gets more smart and creative

Use the same pattern how you organize drawers in cabinets at home to apply for your storage at work. There are dozens of DIY projects you can check out to make them feel more pleasant both to use and look at or you can simply opt for buying plastic containers to serve as drawers. Get even more creative and place colourful pictures or collages over your storage.


Think of all the things which make you feel at home and use them to accessorize your dull cubicle. Maybe some souvenirs you bought on your favourite holiday ever can help you get rid from stressful environment. Buy some creative pen holders. Your favourite band’s album can make you feel totally at home if you look at it every day. If your cubicle is tiny, you can purchase some mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger space. Plus, you will always look perfect.

You spend the biggest part of your day at work sitting in your cubicle for eight hours or more. Make your space pleasant to stay and increase your creativity and productivity by opting for minor tweaks that will suit your needs and preferences.