3 Tips And Tricks To Increase The Sales Of The Magento Store

If you feel that your Magento store is not up to the mark, it is time for you to seek professional help. Every store on the Magento platform is different and so their requirements are specific. So you need experts to provide you with a better solution. Then again, before you hire Magento developer, check the issues that you are facing at the store. So let’s see how you can solve those issues.


Improve search with redirects: Visit the catalog section and go to Search terms. There you will find a grid where you can view and edit all the internal site search. You can set synonyms of the search term to avoid any spelling mistakes problems when you search for the product or services.

You can make use of the settings of redirects to return a URL of your choice with Magento. This way you will be able to easily redirect queries to the right category. For example, any query related to sales can be redirected to the sales category and so on.

Know how to decrease the rate of abandoned cart using coupon codes: When it comes to e-commerce store on Magento, a common issue that everyone face is that people leave the store just from the ‘cart’ page. When a customer comes to the cart page, he or she is asked to apply the coupon code. So to get instant discount, people leave the site and move to Google in search of the code.

The effective solution to this problem is to provide a dialog box with a reason. When a customer clicks on it, it would be explained to them on how they can find a code. You should also describe the ways how you can get a coupon code. For example, you can say that users who have subscribed for the newsletter will only get the code. This will make things clear and the number of people leaving the page will decrease.

Get notifications for mini cart: Mostly there are some issues with the mini cart in the default Magento theme development. This makes people stuck there. Checkout button disappears when a user tries to order a product that is out of stock. As no information is provided at this time, they start wondering why they are not able to proceed to checkout.

While on the other side the full cart page informs the users that the product they are trying to buy is out of stock but still, does not tell them on how they can get the checkout button back. So better to help the users and fix this problem add some instructions. Tell them that they can get the checkout button back once they remove the product from the cart.

Just making use of these small things, you will be able to provide a better user experience to the users. Once the users are satisfied, they will shop regularly. This will ultimately increase the conversion rate.