With iOS 9.3 On Loose Hackers Have Almost Rooted It

The iOS 9.3 JB Tool shall be made available very soon if the hackers at Pangu Team or TaiG manage to do so. According to Yibada, they are very close to developing a jailbreak anytime soon. As a matter of fact, the jailbreak is expected to come out soon between now and June, but most likely before Apple’s 2016 WWDC. The best reason behind skipping iOS 9.2 and jumping directly to 9.3 is that many sources claim that this is a very stable version of iOS and Apple won’t be updating it anymore before releasing another version or iOS 10. Therefore, users are likely to continue using it and using the JB Tool developed by them.

On the contrary, it seems that with many updates and patches Apple has caught up with the vulnerabilities in the iOS in the past years and it would be very difficult to develop another jailbreak anytime soon. It must be noted that Apple has been under constant legal trouble because of its OS being so secure that the FBI has been fighting under the court of law to compel Apple to break the encryption. This could also imply that Apple has reinforced its security systems and we might never see a iOS9.3 JB Tool after all. This is extremely important to preserve the app ecosystem on its various devices as jailbreaking a device opens up numerous possibilities to install interesting apps for iPhone, iPod and iPad users without purchasing them from Apple’s App Store or iTunes.

With iOS 9.3 On Loose Hackers Have Almost Rooted It

But, in the world of software, there are always some hidden tricks and qwertyoruiop seems to have developed a close jailbreak by finding a security flaw in iOS 9.3 if we consider the video to be authenticated. In the video this user has shown a rooted iPhone6. This only proves a point that even the latest iOS 9.3.1 patch is prone to exploits and hackers can use the JB Tool to work their charms. In meanwhile, Gospel Herald has confirmed that TaiG has already announced publicly that have come very close to developing a jailbreak for 9.3 and 9.3.1.

There is not much evidence yet to prove any of these claims unless a perfectly working JB Tool is available to the users. Also, it must be taken care that any of the users trying to test this tool might also possess a risk of completely bricking the device, as it happened with many before. The thing is; not everyone is a hacker. Therefore, it is not wise to try it just for the sake of trying out a few apps. However, TaiG and other such teams are very good at their jobs and they don’t just develop a tool, but also take feedback from users to further improve it so as to deliver a perfectly blown piece of JB Tool. Until then, beware of any fake claims. TaiG has also claimed that they can break Apple’s security system as they have found a few good numbers of vulnerabilities already.

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