Why We Should Prioritize On High Quality Backlinks?

It is a sad thing that many website owners and even SEO professional still believe some of the common misconceptions. Some methods could give results, but the success could actually be short-lived. Google and other search engines are smart enough to detect improper uses of SEO techniques. We should try avoiding any kind of improper techniques that can hurt our overall ranks.

The constantly updated algorithms can easily catch bad guys. We should be aware of the common misconceptions that potentially derail our SEO success. As an example, many people think that they can get away by using piece of contents from other websites.

Duplicate content is a serious issue that we need to consider. This has caused big concerns among many people. It is important to invest time and money for creating good quality content. This fact is what websites are all about. It is a platform for distributing unique and quality content to others.

Of course, many of us won’t do obvious mistakes like using plenty of hidden text, but we could also make other mistakes such as adding thousands of inbound links to get our rank higher in search results. In general, we should try to get good links for our website. We won’t be able to achieve this with many worthless links.

We should always try to concentrate on quality, instead of quantity. We should make sure that our links are relevant and appropriate. We should try to have good page ranks. We should choose only links that we really need. Some people even think erroneously that they more they pay for their hosting, the higher their website will appear on search results.

In reality, we should only focus on servers that provide decent uptime and better reliability. The amount of money we pay to hosting providers has no direct effect on the overall ranking. Even if the hosting plan is expensive, it won’t have good impacts on our ranking if it keeps going down.

It is also inappropriate to think that having hundreds of keywords in our website will make it rank higher. This is a misconception that we need to dispel. Our webpages should contain reasonable amounts of keywords. It is important to limit our primary keywords to only about five.

Having dozens of keywords in our webpages will only make them look spammy. It is important for us to avoid using spammy SEO methods, because Google will immediately penalize us for such mistakes. Ethical and good SEO campaign should allow us to get the possible ranking for our website.

It is important to avoid working with companies that promise us top spots in Google and other major search engines. Good SEO professionals optimize our website properly and we won’t be able to achieve better rankings. In fact, it is not really necessary for us to submit our website to major search engines, if our content is compelling enough and many people are willing to create inbound links for us.

Instead of worrying about whether websites will index us, we should be more worried about whether people will consider our websites as interesting. When we have enough inbound backlinks, eventually all of our important webpages will be indexed.

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