Understanding The Mac

Apple Company has come up with many innovative products over the years. People relate apple with good quality products that are unique and intuitive. One such amazing Apple product is Mac OS. This is a popular GUI operating system that works on the Macintosh line of computers. There are many reasons why people like this OS. Over the years, Mac OS has done well to give good service to people. As a reliable operating system is very important for proper functioning of the computer, Mac OS has been designed in a way that it has all the capabilities required. It is one of the best operating systems.

Why Is Mac OS So Popular?

Mac OS is designed in such a way that it makes using a computer very easy. It has everything a user needs. Here some key points of this OS:

  • It is quick and very efficient.
  • The secret of its success lies in its core design. It is simple and robust. Hence, this operating system serves well for people will various needs.
  • The applications you run on this operating system work very smoothly.
  • It has a modular design that makes it very flexible. Users can add or reduce features from this software as they like. It makes the system easy to configure according to the users’ needs. This revolutionary design makes Mac OS very useful.

These are the reasons behind the success and popularity of this operating system.

Understanding The Mac

History Of Mac OS

Mac OS has undergone many changes and advancements after its release in 1984. To keep up with the changing times, this OS was given many enhancements that made it better. It was constantly revised to add more features that would suit the changing needs of computer users. It was known as Mac OS till its version 7.6. Later, it was re-branded as OS X. In many ways, The Mac OS has set the foundation of the operating systems we use today. Many leading operating systems have taken valuable lessons from the sleek design of this OS.

Latest Developments

As stated earlier, the latest versions of Mac OS are called OS X. This renaming was done as the operating systems have undergone many changes that separate it from the older version. The OS X is a successor of Mac OS and has some similarities to it. It was earlier called Mac OS X. It is also known as version 10 of Mac OS. It is a UNIX based operating system that is very efficient. There have been a total of 12 releases of this operating system. Each one has added substantial features to it. The latest release of this OS was given the name ‘El Capitan’. OS X runs all the leading software applications without any trouble. All the leading software has a dedicated variant that runs on this operating system. This OS is also available for servers. This variant is known by the name of OS X Server. For many years now, this operating system has done very well in giving a good experience to the computer users.

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