Trackback Validator Plugin For WordPress

If we are using WordPress, there’s a big possibility that we will eventually be attacked by spams. As we start to gain real traffic, some of the visitors turn out to be spammers or worse, spam bots. This can be an alarming situation for beginners. It means that we should have the tool to prevent spammers from doing their annoying acts. Without proper protection, our blog could be rendered useless by thousands of spammy comments.

One of the tools that we could use is Trackback Validator. It is a simple and effective test on any trackback, so we can effectively stop spammy comments. Spammy trackbacks can be identified by comments that have an URL that directs users to PPC affiliate website or to any irrelevant website. The Trackback Validator plugin is able to find out more about this characteristic. When a trackback arrives to the website, the Trackback Validator plugin retrieves a webpage that’s indicated by the included URL. The trackback s approved if the page contains a genuine link back to our website.

The trackback is identified as spam if it doesn’t contain any link to our weblog and it will be rejected. This is an easy thing to do because these spammers don’t set up a webpage that links back to our webpage. It means that any simple test will immediately reveal bad trackbacks. Trackback Validator is a powerful plugin that can eradicate spammy content. Based on user reviews, it has good performance in eradicating pingback spams and trackback.

Trackback Validator Plugin For WordPress

It could work in the background without the use of CAPTCHA that can reduce the overall user experience. There’s also a spam-free contact form that people can use easily. The plugin is entirely free for personal and commercial use. The beauty of this plugin is that people can block spam very easily. Compared to other methods, the plugin takes a rather different approach to make sure that it can become a powerful blocker for spams and other illegal comments. Bad trackbacks could also be prevented from approaching the website and causing various problems.

The plugin is essentially an anti-spam firewall for our WordPress installation to ensure that commenters are in fact, human and all trackbacks are genuine. Bots will be prevented to go deeper into our website and causing various problems, including reducing user experience. The configuration process of the plugin should be quite easy to do and the development provides a lot of support.

There will be no or very rare false positives. This would lead to less frustrating experience for both website owners and users. Because the plugin is very reliable, it also means that less work for website administrators. It is not necessary for us to waste too much time sifting through those spam queues, because many tasks have been proper optimized by the plugin. Overall, we would find that Trackback Validator is very easy install and it requires minimal resources overhead on the server.

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