The Only True Investment That Makes Sense

As gold is the only true money, compared to the fiat currencies like US dollar and the Euro, investing in Gold jewelry makes immense sense if you want to be safe in the chaos of currency devaluation and hyperinflation. In India, gold jewelry has been considered as an asset since hundreds of years.

Every Indian household who can afford to buy this precious metal always has its secret store of gold jewelry stacked in the bank lockers. However, before you make the decision of gold investment, you should be considering a few necessary aspects.

Check The Caratage Of The Gold Jewelry

The carat is a measure of the actual amount of gold in the jewelry. The purest gold is 24 carat which is 99.99% gold. 24-carat gold jewelry is actually the best investment that you can make, but it is not much recommended to make everyday jewelry pieces. This is because a 24-carat gold piece is comparatively softer than the jewelry pieces with lower caratage and therefore it gradually wears out to thinness on regular use.

Simply put, you actually lose the volume of gold if you are regularly using a 24 carat gold. However, this pure gold is often utilized for delicate artisanship, which is possible due to its softness. Other caratage values include 18 carat (75% gold), 14 carat (58.3% gold) and 12 carat (50% gold). In these lower caratage jewelry pieces gold is amalgamated with other metals like copper and zinc.

If you are making the jewelry for only occasional wear, the 24 carat may be suitable but for everyday wear, it is only prudent to make lower carat gold investment.

Gold Jewelry Is Better Than Gold Bullions

Investing in jewelry makes more business sense than investing in gold bullions for the primary reason that jewelry pieces have higher retail prices compared to bullions of the same caratage. Besides, you can actually wear the gold jewelry and transport it from one country to another. You cannot transport gold bullions like that. If you are owner of gold bullions, you may therefore as well consider converting them into gold jewelry.

Making Gold Jewelry In India

The production cost of gold jewelry in India is comparatively lesser than other countries. Besides, Indian artisans have a long tradition of creating amazing gold jewelry pieces that can be found nowhere else in the world. If you are considering gold investment seriously, then you may as well contact Indian jewelry houses to make the jewelry for you.