McAfee Antivirus

MC Afee antivirus is developed and maintained by Mc Afee inc. boosted with hardware support from Intel and has been crowned as the best antivirus by SMB antivirus reviews. It provides products for home users as well as office users. But the million dollar question is why do we need an antivirus program? Many people think that malware comes into our system by downloading suspicious files; running software’s which are unmatched, visiting websites which do not have security certificates. It is true to some extent because this is how many people get malware, but these aren’t the only ways. You can get malware in your system by installing plug-ins from web browsers which can be easily compromised by mischievous hackers. In other words malware can get into our systems just from visiting a site. Even our trusted websites can be compromised – something like that is happening these days with an alarming rate. Thus, antivirus programs become essential these days.

McAfee handles the antivirus basics flawlessly, which includes – virus and malware detection and removal, spyware, firewall defense, ant phishing, etc. and includes a suite of advanced tools at no additional cost. Surprisingly, these extra features don’t have much adverse effect on system performance. McAfee is designed in such a way to handle the different type of viruses, phishing, sniffing and spam that its different module handles them individually. Along with some of the fixed features, it also provides some additional settings to the end user to set these features of protection according to their need. For example – open some port, allow some particular IPs to access the files on your PC and add some exceptional files that will not be checked for virus at the time of scanning. The definition of McAfee Internet Security should be updated from the internet time to time so that it can change its definition about the viruses and be up to date for handling new viruses also.

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee produces different products compatible to different platforms, i.e. operating systems, means they are platform dependent. It produces three types of antivirus viz. McAfee total protection, McAfee internet security and McAfee antivirus plus. McAfee antivirus is super simple to install and detects and removes threats while it install itself.  McAfee internet security provides our system, an online protection by using award-winning McAfee Site Advisor web security, so that the safety of the website is known even before going to the website. The best product developed by McAfee, Inc is McAfee total security. This product provides all of the comprehensive security guards which are provided by the earlier two products viz. site advisor, network security, hiding identity on network from hackers, rectifying explicit contents from a web page etc. The problem areas in McAfee are that it is lengthy; it slows down the processor a little bit.

The full system scan feature in the software should take less time to complete. The network security feature of McAfee should be made more application oriented as this software does not allow network oriented games to run on a network.  Even the quarantine section of the software is quite weak; the software sometimes removes the infected file while in quarantine. The features like run time protection and firewall is quite impressive. The site advisor feature is well renowned and highly appreciated. In the end, I would like to recommend McAfee antivirus for home as well as office user because of its all-round protection, whether it is in the field of network security or treating threats. It is the best product available in the market considering its price and functions.

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