Choosing SEO-Friendly Web Design

It takes huge effort to get to the first page of Google’s search results, for highly competitive search engines. The SEO industry is changing continuously and some SEO professionals could come and advertise their “state of the art” methods for gaining ranks faster and legally. We should know that proper SEO should be based on slower optimization, instead of rapid changes.

In fact, very fast improvements could make our website to look suspicious. The cheapest SEO methods could still be the most effective, but it may take time before we could get results. These methods could include content optimization and natural linkbuilding.

Some SEO professionals could come up with some tools that can help us gain results faster. They may offer us ready-to-use templates. These designs could already be fully optimized for SEO efforts. This is an acceptable method, but we should check whether we could really get better results. With this method, we could get templates with simple navigation and layouts.

It means that bots will be able to navigate through our websites more easily. There could also be areas in the template where we could put different keywords. This will allow bots to quickly detect primary topics of our website.

When using SEO-friendly templates or other similar designs, we should make sure that they are fully customizable. It means that we should make sure that our website could be made unique, despite the use of these templates. A good template should be simple and if possible, users should be able to load them fast enough.

If we need more complex websites with different kinds of features, it is probably better if we implement specific optimization methods. In this situation, we should implement quick and easy implementation for our websites. Even if we are using templates, we should make sure that won’t become dated too soon.

If SEO professionals are sensible enough, they may advise us to use content management system. These are highly versatile platforms with advanced administrative systems and proper SEO implementations. We could use many standard modules into these CMS platforms. Other than making our website to become standard website and blog, CMS can also be transformed into shopping website and forums.

Because CMS is highly customized, we can even change the codes and they are usually made using PHP languages. However, in many cases, we should still be able to gain benefits only by using generic CMS with an interesting template on top of it.

In this case, we should make sure whether we really need a SEO-friendly web design. We need to use common sense and not choose templates that are based on obstructive technologies such as Flash. It is an outdated technology that can prevent search engine bots from reaching many parts of our website.

When choosing web design that could match our SEO goals, we should make sure that it could really work well. We may need a highly flexible design with enough flexibility and if it is good enough for many people, it should also be good enough for our purposes.

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