Word-Press The Web Software For Websites

Word-Press is an open source technology and initially used for online blogging. The journey of Word-Press started in the year of 2003. It has now become the largest blogging tool used by about 10 million people every day. You need not to pay any kind of license fee to use this tool because the Word – Press is open source. This technology has started its journey to improve the typography and now it has evolved in a great way that it can be used as a content management system. It has got many things, including thousands of plug-in and widgets. The users will be able to choose themes among thousands of options available in the Word – Press. This open source platform is now one of the most used platforms to build websites. The simple interface of the Word – Press has made building new websites very easy. Hence around 20% of websites available in internet depend on Word-Press platform.

Word-Press The Web Software For Websites

The word – Press community is now growing rapidly. It has become a very large family and a vibrant one. Almost every second you will get required support and tips from the online communities of Word-Press regarding design or development. This vast community actually provides guidance as well as required inspiration. The versatility of this platform has made it so popular. You can use it for any purpose. It is now a complete content management system. You can create websites or online stores and can be used for e-commerce as well. Expertises of Word-Press in creating blogs are very well known. The increasing customer base of Word-Press platform provides enough evidence that this technology does not only provide very user friendly interfaces, but also the back end codes of this platform provides ultimate support for optimizing the websites. This web software has been developed mostly by hundreds of volunteers from the community.

They are constantly upgrading the software and two engineers are dedicatedly working to improve its functionality. At this moment more than 60 million people have chosen Word-Press to enhance their online presence across the globe. Most of us use internet in various different ways. Smart phones, tablets and notebooks are usually devices that most of the people are using to access internet and Word-Press can be fitted in any of these devices. The community of the Word – Press has redefined the website designing by upgrading the software at regular intervals as per the feedback received from users. The recent Word-Press 3.8.1 version has included several themes and new designs. The users who use blogs will feel the experience of reading a magazine online. The team management has been redefined. The complicated widget management experience has been made easier to handle. Word-Press has started a new era in the world of web design and development.

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