Why Restaurants Should Have Mobile Apps And Active Social Media Accounts?

Restaurants are already using technology to improve their overall profitability. As an example, they rely on social media to interact with customers. Technology helps them to communicate with multiple customers and some bigger restaurants have developed their own smartphone apps. Any customer with the app installed in their smartphone may have specific deals that can’t be obtained by normal customers.

This also gives a good way for restaurants to get continuously connected. People could get notifications about lunch deals at 9AM and this could improve sales rates in just hours.

Whatever they do, it is important for restaurants to build a strong community. Restaurants depend on loyal customers who are impressed with the level of food quality, service, cleanliness and other factors that are important in a restaurant. The technology can continuously remind customers about the strengths of the restaurant.

The use of standard website, social media and mobile device apps can become a strong offering that many customers can’t refuse. Other than offering deals for people who have installed the official restaurant’s app; some level of participation in the social media network could also allow them to get specific deals.

As an example, if someone has retweeted the restaurant’s ten times, liked as well provided good comments on ten Facebook and shared ten YouTube videos; they may get five spicy chicken wings for free. This may sound costly; but it could prove to be a quick way of getting enough responses in social media.

Restaurants should also offer great content in social media that people will gladly shared to others without getting a deal. The cost of such deal can be included in the marketing budget, so we may provide these deals to 100 customers or more each month. There are many other social media ideas that we can use for our restaurant.

We should know about some obvious facts about the technology. We know that social media has become an important part in mobile technology. Mobile devices are always located near the customer, so it is more likely that we will be able to communicate the audience through mobile devices. Email marketing is still an effective method for many customers; but they are delayed and people don’t immediately get information.

Also people have become resistant to deals through the email and they are more likely to delete offers sent through the email. Social media has become an important factor for planning and decision-making process.

With mobile apps and social media, menu changes and other deals can be communicated immediately. Both platforms are able to improve customer service and attract new customers. Social media can help us not only inform followers, but also entertain them. It is important to bring steady stream of interesting content of tweets and posts in social media.

By offering daily publication, it is possible that the restaurant’s social media presence won’t be obscured by the competitors. At the moment, it is more likely to find restaurants with dormant social media accounts.

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