Some Tips For Your Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling isn’t just about changing structures, it’s also about adding convenience, beauty and comfort to a home. There are many aspects of a home remodel but we are only going to be discussing one here, the kitchen.

As far as kitchen remodeling is concerned, almost everybody feels like there is something which could have been done differently in their kitchen. The worst thing, however, for a homeowner would be to change his/her mind midway. Changing your mind after the project begins can end up being really expensive.

So how do you ensure your kitchen remodel goes off smoothly? Here are a few tips that will help make this a reality:

  • The island in the center is a very important part of any kitchen. The common mistake people make is to have an island which is a little too big. The countertop should be large enough to use but shouldn’t be too large. You could make it anywhere between three and ten feet wide depending on the size of your kitchen. In terms of depth, 26 – 48 inches is usually more than enough.
  • Storage space is another area where it’s easy to make mistakes. You should never skim here. Plan the amount of space you require and where you require it carefully. For example, glasses and dishes require 4-6 linear feet of storage space near the dishwasher or above the sink. Pots and pans require just as much space and should be stored somewhere next to your cook top.
  • Proper garbage management is also very important when it comes to remodeling. You should have enough space to hide at least a couple of bins near the dishwasher and sink.
  • If you would like to have sufficient air clearance, you need to have a hood which is at least as wide as the cook top below it. But if you’re installing the hood over the island, make sure it’s at least half a foot wider than your cook top.
  • Modern microwaves have inbuilt venting which can help you save on space. But these vents aren’t as good as kitchen hoods as far as clearing steam and smoke are concerned.
  • One more thing which is usually overlooked when it comes to a kitchen is the lighting. Even the brightest of overhead lights can easily cast shadows while you’re working. That’s why under cabinet lighting is the smarter solution. They will help brighten up workspaces and will also make cooking much easier than before.

If you don’t have experience remodeling kitchens, this entire project can be a disaster for you. It’s important for you to hire a licensed contractor to help you with everything. After all, you wouldn’t want to make any costly mistakes now would you?

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