Here Are Some Really Good SEO DoFollow Resources

There are certain things and certain aspects that every single person who is trying to promote their website or blog looks for and that is very good and reliable dofollow links. Dofollow links are links that move or pass link juice, this link juice helps your web site or your blog, rate and rank highly in terms of page rank and authority. In addition to page rank and authority this juice also can help in increasing your page or site traffic and visitor volume as well as other Search Engine Optimization benefits. These SEO dofollow resources and links can be very useful and quite helpful if used and managed properly.

Here Are Some Really Good SEO DoFollow Resources

  • How to determine if a link is a good dofollow?

First and foremost, just to make things clear there is nothing like a do follow link. This is simply the absence or lack of a no follow link. This link is a command or a tag which many web sites and search engines use especially word press to prohibit and stop web crawlers or spiders from linking the pages and opening the commencing page. Basically the link gets broken and it does not get indexed in anyway. So the vote commands as well as the link juice are useless and there is no back link whatsoever. Take note it is pointless and useless to link no follow. That is it is simply worth less.

Likewise a dofollow link should be accompanied and paired with a very good and quality link from a good site. The site should be very well ranked when it comes to Google and its links should be also be highly ranked and this should show in the results and searches. It has been proven that the search engine Google seems to prefer and favor various sites that have very good and sound SEO practices.

  • Should you try Squidoo?

It is a great place to source links. It has a very good page rank and rating. All data and info on this web site seems to rank and rate very high. The articles on this web site tend to do very well especially when you take part in the community activities. The community seems to produce a lot of very good links. In addition to Squidoo there are also quite a lot of other very good and reliable web sites like Squidom and SquidU that offer even more great links to such sites. There are a lot of different ways to promote and sell on Squidoo. If it is done properly and effectively you will do well.

Another thing to take note of is the actual number of links that Squidoo gives you. On average most sites allow 1 or 2 links at the most but not Squidoo, they can give you up to 9 links for each site that is not on the Squidoo platform or network and an unlimited number of internal links.

Advantages: Plenty of links, great page rating, good page rank, money, excellent community support, a vast number of both internal as well as external indexing opportunities.

  • Hub pages can also be used to dofollow

It is virtually impossible to use or mention Squidoo without talking about Hub pages. It is kind of like talking about Coco Cola without talking about Pepsi. Hub pages has a lot of options and features that Squidoo has which include: great page rating, good page rank, authority and plenty of money generating opportunities. The links will follow but they will do so only after you have reached a certain level or rank within the system. So you definitely have to work hard and remain dedicated. When it comes to Hub pages you are allocated a lower number of links. If you compare Coke and Pepsi you will notice that neither side is active enough to make it a success, this is the same with Squidoo and Hub pages. They are both equally good but people tend to stick to the one that they prefer and like.

Advantages: good page rank, great community support, vast number of both internal as well as external indexing opportunities.

  • Gather

Gather is another web site that is very similar to both Hub pages and Squidoo in a lot of aspects. There are a lot of linking options available. When it comes to ranking of pages it is not very good when compared to the other sites but it is still developing and improving on its current system. So it is definitely worth checking out.

  • Technorati

The site has a lot of web traffic and its pages rank very well. The site is also very good at indexing and it has a very good back link system. It also has an equally good approval system and process this way a certain level of quality is maintained. Technorati has very good exposure, valuable links and good authority.

Advantages: it has very good link authority and good speed.

  • Redgage

At Redgage you can submit your entire blog posts here with ease. Most profiles have a vast amount of links and these links can be easily added offering another great opportunity to use dofollow back links.

Advantage: you can link up your entire blog posts and there is unlimited supply of links in every profile and it gives you the chance to make money from posting posts.

  • In Closing

This is a very good place to start looking for quality dofollow links. All these sites offer some form of income generation and revenue sharing so you will be able to make a bit of money.

I say a bit of money because you do not have to spend countless hours and time being active and posting a lot of posts on these sites. All that is needed is a little effort and no matter how little extra money is extra money.

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