Facebook Will Openly Releases Instant Articles Plugin For WordPress

It is now a common practice to integrate WordPress website with the leading social network, Facebook. It is a large platform giant with robust and interactive system. Recently, Facebook has announced a new plugin for WordPress and it is intended to significantly simplify the overall process of creating and publishing Instant Articles.

This can be performed directly through the WordPress and the plugin has been tested by a group of publishers. In this case, it is possible for publishers to activate the Facebook plugin out of the box. If they prefer further customization, it should be easy to extend the plugin to fully support any element that they deem necessary.

Facebook has announced that the plugin is essentially available in open source format. Any publisher may submit their feedback through GitHub. With pull requests, they can also share compatibility layers with different plugins. WordPress is also the leading player in the CMS community and it has been used by nearly 25 percent websites on the Internet. The plugin can potentially be usable for millions of website owners around the world if they want to bring the Instant Article functionality to readers. The plugin could also render photos properly, so they appear well on the website.

The plugin provides specific capabilities, such as native autoplay video and interactive graphics embedding. Facebook has a goal since the beginning to make the Instant Articles capability to any publisher. It also has partnership wti Automattic and this gives them a step forward in making the goal a reality. Facebook will continue to iterate its plugin in the coming weeks and it is looking forward to collaborate with the rest of the world. The collaboration between the WordPress maker, Automattic and Facebook will make it possible for people to deliver pages many times faster than before.

The plugin is a feature rich platform that can provide bloggers with proper article formats. Facebook users can be engaged with auto-playing videos and tap-to-zoom image galleries. Today, about 25 percent of websites around the world are made using Facebook and it means that the social network could ensure an even wider reach to potential users.

Less frequent Facebook users can be made into more frequent users as the need to be logged in to Facebook if they want to use the functionality. Plugins can help us to take care of the overall basics. Making Instant Articles should be quite easy and we would only need to check the appropriate boxes. Installing the plugin is similar like installing other plugins.

Plugin is essentially an open source platform that encourages collaboration and customization. The community is encouraged to fully participate in the development process. This will allow everyone to take a complete advantage of the native and fast experience of the Instant Articles. The Instant Articles feature should be able to create a more engaging and faster reading experience for any Facebook users. The plugin will also allow small bloggers to properly compete with bigger players in the industry.


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