7 Proper Ways to Hang Artworks

Artworks can improve the interior appeal of our house, how should we hang them? Are there rules that we need to follow when we want to display and hang artworks? What will happen when we break these rules? Among many basic rules when hanging an artwork is to make sure that it’s located at the eye level, so the average people can see it. Here are other things that we need to know:

  1. Check the size and shape of the wall: Larger artwork pieces should be used only on larger walls. Smaller walls should use narrower artworks and they should be stacked vertically.
  2. Check the size and shape of the furniture: When we plan to hang a picture over the furniture, it is a good idea to make sure that the width of the artworks is always smaller than the width of the furniture. Ideally, the width of the artworks should be about 3/4 to 4/5 of the furniture’s width. If the artworks are too small, it is also possible that they will be much less visible.
  3. Check the room’s decor: A good room should have proper theme and we should create the right kind of mood. We should make sure that the furnishings and artworks could work well with one another. It means that the room scheme shouldn’t be in complete contrast with the artworks.
  4. Choose a couple of smaller artworks, instead of a big one: If we can choose, it is a good idea to choose to smaller artworks. However, both should have something in common, such as subject matter, medium, colors, artists and others. We can hang them as a complementary pair. This should allow us to add interests to our house and we will be able to break a large expanse of the wall. We could do this quite effectively on a big piece of furniture, such as the sofa.
  5. Check the symmetry: We should think in terms of symmetry. When hanging multiple artworks on the wall, we should think about symmetry. Balanced rooms need to have calming mood and this could be achieved only if we have proper symmetry. It is possible to achieve neat effects with asymmetric arrangement, but it is more likely that we only make things look worse.
  6. Define a consistent theme: We should create a theme for our interior and stick to it. A house should have a clear style of art, with specific historical subjects and color sets. For maximum impact, we should group artworks with similar styles on a single big wall. We should look for cues that are already available inside the room, so we are able to get our theme.
  7. Use imaginary lines: We should think in term of lines. We can hang artworks on either horizontal or vertical lines. This should help us further in improving our mood. It is important to give the space more height when hanging artworks. There should be a touch for formality and elegance inside our house.

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