6 Things To Consider When Choosing Commercial WordPress Themes

It is clear that some WordPress themes are definitely better than others. We could find many free WordPress themes that are properly created for any kind of website. However, the ease of use and developer supports of premium WordPress should also worth the cost. Instead of building our website design from scratch, purchasing a WordPress theme can be a less costly alternative.

Commercial themes can be supported by support forums. We could also find polished web style and uncomplicated modification. There are factors to consider when we are buying a commercial WordPress theme:

  1. License:

We shouldn’t purchase a WordPress theme that puts a limitation on the quality and quantity of website that we plan to build. It means that for one installation, we may need to pay once. It is preferable to choose a commercial theme that allows us to pay once for unlimited installations. This should allow us to get more out of the theme we purchase.

  1. Modification options:

It should be very easy for us to modify the commercial WordPress theme. As an example, we should be able to modify website using common technology, such as PHP, CSS and HTML. Unfortunately, some paid WordPress themes don’t allow us to do this. So, it is important for us to tread carefully before buying. For many companies, it is essential for them to modify their websites properly.

  1. Compliance with W3C:

A paid theme should be W3C compliant and this makes sure that a commercial WordPress theme is properly coded. Chances are, we could find a lot more well-made themes if they are compliant with W3 standards. This will allow us to get a proper return to our overall investment. W3C or the World Wide Web Consortium is a trusted organization that offers ideal web standards.

  1. Details:

When considering to purchase a WordPress theme, we should make sure that it has enough details to match the requirement of our website. There should be enough drop-down menus to simplify the interface design. The theme should also have list categories located at the top navigation bar. The design may incorporate columns and we should know how many columns we need. We should also find the font type, color, size and other typography details as appropriate.

  1. Widget:

It is a good idea to make sure that our theme is widget-ready. Widgets are important components of a WordPress website. It should be able to enhance the customization options and functionality of our website. Our theme should be entirely widget-ready and widgets should be able to be completely accommodated by the theme. It is a bad idea to choose a theme that doesn’t properly support our essential widgets, including custom-made, proprietary widgets that are made for our business operations.

  1. Placement of logo and header:

Logo and header are essential for our company and it is important that we are able to customize them. It is important that we are able to easily define the proper placement of our logo and header.

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