3 Ways Technology Can Accelerate The Growth Of Our Company

Our business is much like a plant, it isn’t only growing, but it is also dying. Many start-ups are facing various challenges and the situation can be quite complex, because dozens, if not hundreds of other companies are also vying for the sizable market share. Due to this situation, even a slight expansion can feel like a monumental task in a highly competitive industry. Fortunately, technology can help us to accelerate the growth of our company. Here are ways to accelerate the growth of our business using the technology.

Establish a strong online presence:

Many websites already have websites, but it is far from enough. They could simply build a website and neglect it for years. They don’t update the content and SEO campaign is non-existent. Also, far fewer companies have active social media presence. It means that they can miss out the significant portion of their target market. If we don’t have active website and social media accounts, our first step is to encourage people to return for more.

Company websites could publish daily news and industry updates, which can encourage professionals and potential customers to return to get latest developments. Any new content that’s published in the website, can be uploaded in social media to extend the overall coverage. Representations from the company could try to be more active in relevant website and social media pages.

Popular social media services include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Account name for social media should be identical with the company’s official name, so people could find direct correlation.

Use CRM technology:

CRM or customer relationship management could do wonder to our business. It could shine a new light to various sales opportunities and customer service. CRM software is able to track sales activity, quotes, leads and communications. We can organize tasks and appointments. CRM is highly versatile, because customer data will be stored in a single area and they are shared throughout the entire organization. It will be really simple to locate information, make changes and see customer trends.

Allow the use of mobile devices and enable remote access:

Many companies suffer reduced productivity when employees need to work in remote locations. With proper teleworking technology, it is possible to boost productivity by up to 50 percent. Some employees will need to be constantly away from the office and some of their tasks can only be accomplished when they return to the main office. Android and iOS devices are able to provide direct integration with company-wide system, regardless of their location.

Employees in New York, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo can work together as if they are in the same room. Documents can be photographed with the device’s camera and sent immediately into the company’s system. Collaboration and virtual meetings could also occur at any time. Employees should be responsive and available whenever they step away from their office. Voice calls can be forwarded automatically through IP technology to ensure higher reliability and reduced costs.

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