What Makes Joomla Hosting A Popular CMS?

Joomla is a popular CMS website and online application widely being used across various platforms. It is easy to use software with lots of extensions and plugins. It is an open source solution available freely for everyone. Joomla hosting offers over 3500 extensions via the extensions directory. A content management system (CMS) is software that manages the content on a website. Content can be in the form of music, video, text, photos, documents and many more similar. Since these CMs platforms take care and manage the content the clients can focus on their core business and increase the website content.

Where is Joomla used?

Joomla hosting has been popular with websites of all shapes and sizes. It is commonly applied by corporate portals and websites, online publications including magazines and newspapers, corporate intranets and extranets, government bodies, e-commerce sites and online booking and reservation platforms. It is also popular with school and other educational websites, non-profit organisations, church and community portals, small businesses and many more similar bodies.

What are the Requirements?

To have an effective website Joomla has to run on the latest versions of PHP 5.3+ and MySQL 5.1 + with compatibility to Microsoft iis and Apache latest versions and other extensions. Joomla hosting comes with an easy to use one-click installer. The host has the necessary tools to ensure a faster and more efficient Joomla website.

What Makes Joomla Hosting so Popular?

Joomla has many advantages for the clients that have made it a preferred CMS. It is suitable for all types of websites big or small. It has the flexibility for the clients to customise and build their own plug-ins. It is a popular CMS and offers a wide and effective support system in the form of tutorials, forums, videos and FAQs. It is convenient and flexible being available in more than 64 languages to a wider audience. The host also provides a one-click updates for easier updates, managing and organising of media files and folders with the media manager tool. It offers a built-in WYSIWYG editor to amend and edit content easily. It supports tagging and nesting. It makes content accessible to the visitors through the Syndication and Newsfeed management features. It allows content to be available across multiple locations with easy navigational tools like, rollovers, flyouts and dropdown buttons.

Joomla hosting is available on various hosting platforms.

Shared or Budget hosting: This is the most popular of hosting platforms. Numerous websites are hosted on a single powerful server and they all share the resources. It is the least expensive form of web hosting and most suitable for a new Joomla user. Customers can upgrade to higher platforms as their websites starts growing with increasing traffic.

Business Hosting: The business hosting is an enhanced hosting option compared to the shared platform. It houses lesser number of websites, has better security, better support, higher speed and more resources.

Green hosting: Most of the Joomla hosting providers contribute to the go green philosophy. The servers here are powered by energy efficient and environment friendly infrastructure using the purchasing renewable resources and reduced polluted expulsions. The main features of environment friendly green hosting are websites with stable and reliable uptime, robust security and round the clock technical support.

VPS/ dedicated server hosting: The websites with high traffic flow and those wanting better security and privacy to their business upgrade to the VPS and dedicated server hosting. These platforms offer the clients complete control over the server and the resources.

Joomla hosting providers have come up with a new unique type of hosting called Joomla as a service. The hosts take the responsibility for the maintenance and running of Joomla. The customer just needs to focus on their business. They offer highly reliable and fast servers with quality customer and technical support.

Joomla hosting India providers have many qualified and experienced designers and developers building some high quality and amazing designs to further give the websites an effective look and enhanced performance that gives the websites a good boost in the search engine rankings by their strategic tools and efficient implementation. The hosts also offer outsourcing services for their international clients. Since it has multi lingual support it is ideal for the markets in the country.

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