Enjoy The Best Of Nature At Khandala

Offering stunning panoramic views of the green, forested valleys and hills and a refreshing weather to enjoy, the Western Ghats have climbed the popularity graphs. Not just the city slickers but the region is frequented by adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers and as well as the history buffs. Khandala, is one of the prime attractions in the Western Ghats, with several scenic locations good for picnicking and camping with friends and family. If you’re planning to visit this scenic town then Mumbai is the nearest big city to manage your travel requirements. Do check for Delhi, Chennai or Goa to Mumbai to flight rates before planning your tour of Khandala.

Khandala, a popular exotic tourist destination in the state of Maharashtra, often replete with tourists, nature and best hotel in Chopta enthusiasts, and photographer is situated at an elevation of about 652 meters. This tranquil town is popular for its spectacular landscapes, everlasting hills, grassy fields, valleys that are lustrous, and sparkling lakes and water bodies. Khandala is usually mentioned together with Lonavala, another fantastic weekend getaway for people living in Mumbai, Pune and other neighbouring cities.

These two are regarded as twin sisters as both of them are wonderful small towns which are perfect for a sojourn vacation and are well blessed by nature. The best part – the weather stays pleasant, virtually throughout the year.

Getting into Khandala is not difficult. There are a few great routes to pick from, if one is choosing a flight, then Mumbai could be chosen as a layover city. Do check for Delhi, Chennai or Goa to Mumbai to flight rates before planning your tour of Khandala. Anyway, there are many government-run and private buses that you can find from the nearby bus stations. Trains are possibly the suitable and affordable ways to get to the town. There’s a typical modern railway station where the majority of the trains from Pune and Mumbai stop at this railhead.

As a tourist destination, Khandala provides various superb chances to relax and rejuvenate from your hectic, mundane lifestyle. Tourism is a huge factor driving the economy in here and a lot of the people are dependent on it. The city is perfect for spending a comfortable vacation surrounded by nature, relishing great food, and sightseeing. Long walks, trekking, cycling, picnics, yoga, meditation, and hitchhiking are a some of the tasks that are most popular to do in Khandala. Bestowed by the wealth of nature the town is just one of the very amazing areas you might’ve ever been to.

The entire Western Ghat is dotted with some really enthralling caves and Khandala is just the right place to explore them. Places like Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves, and Bedsa Caves are the main attractions of the town. These caverns are famous for their deep-rooted history as well as their aesthetic architecture. Some of these even houses some spectacular columns adorned by mythological stories, pictures, sculptures, intricate carvings, and temples.

While in the town, do not forget to grab your hands on some Chikkis, the local speciality of the town is made from mixing jaggery with peanuts. Furthermore, items like canned jams, chivda, sev, and wafers are also worth trying.

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