Clear Sound In Any Speaker No Matter The Size

Enjoy music better than before and get crisp, clear sound quality with Harman Audio. Feel the impressive sound while you play your favorite tunes. Choose from portable speakers, headphones and home audio speakers.

Portable Speakers

Be sure you’ll be pleased with the design and sound quality. Go wireless and fill any room with a deep sound. Choose from cantaloupe-shaped ,football-shaped speakers like JBL Flip 3, HK ONE, or JBL Clip +. ¬†Get up to 10 hours of playing your favorite tunes. Pick a portable speaker that showcases your personality wherever you go.


Choose from wireless, over-the-ear, in-ear, and noise-canceling headphones. Relax and enjoy your favorite tunes at home or in the office with over-the-ear or in-ears headphones like JBL Everest 300, SOHO-I. Count on a comfortable fit and high quality design. Share or call while listening to your favorite song. Enjoy up to 20 hours of music playing. For fitness enthusiasts, noise-canceling headphones, wireless or sports headphones are also available.

Clear Sound In Any Speaker No Matter The Size

Home Audio

Home Theater

Get a louder, clearer listening experience consider adding speakers, like HKTS 16, BD3772 or JBL Cinema 610 to your home stereo. Play your favorite tune from one room to another and share it with guests. Feel like you’re at the movies, count on a better viewing experience and take part of your favorite movies or video games.

Computer Speakers

Count on a one-of-a-kind listening experience ,pick SoundStickIII or SoundStick Wireless and fill any room with real, crisp sound. Connect wirelessly from any media device. Stay focused and keep your work going with mesmerizing artistic-designed computer speakers. Clear Sound in any speaker no matter the size


Full potential and phenomenal loud sound is delivered while you play and charge your favorite device in the dock. Play your music wireless and show off your best dj skills using your favorite dj app.


Update your current home audio system with a modern amplifier like HK 3770. Create a powerful audio system and stream music from your smartphone or tablet.

With Harman Audio you can connect over wifi and count on a stable connection. You can also stream music from your iPhone/android or tablet using a Bluetooth speaker. Count on a clear, crisp sound.