Choosing The Right Car Moving Services

We often need to move the car over a long distance and we could be confused with all the available options. The easiest way to move our car is by driving it ourselves. However, other than fuel, we also need to spend money on lodging, food and others. Even so, we are in a complete control of what route to take and how long we need to drive in the car. We should also be able to take better care of our car. The route we choose will have a direct impact on cost and time. Costs could vary on the present gas price, the type of food we eat and what kind of accommodation we choose.

Another step is to let others to drive the far for us. The service is known as auto driveaway and the most common option is to find a broker that can choose unpaid driver to drive the car for us. Cost could be the biggest appeal for this. We don’t pay the driver and we only need to pay the broker. The cost of tolls and gas will be included in the bills. However, we can’t fully guarantee the deliver and pickup dates with this kind of service. In some cases, our car could be sitting for a few weeks, because no driver can be found. We should also consider the level of dependability and expertise of the driver.

The next thing we do is to ask the broker to find drivers for a fee. This is a more expensive type of service, but should be more reliable than hiring unpaid drivers. Drivers are paid and they are usually more professional. It means that they will take good care of our car. Brokers will also agree to pay us monetary penalties for any late delivery or of the car isn’t delivered on time. For more expensive car, the broker will choose the more dependable and skilled driver. The cost of food, fuel and accommodation will be included in the fee. Although more expensive, this should be a more dependable and reliable option.

We may also ship our car and it can be performed by a transporter or a broker. If we choose a broker as the shipper, the broker may hire a separate transporter to ship the car. If we want to simplify the process, it would be a good idea to work directly with the transporter. A transporter usually has multiple tiers of service, from the most affordable to the most expensive, such as terminal shipping, door to door and expedited.

With terminal shipping, our car is brought to the shipping terminal nearest to our destination. Door to door means that the car is picked at a location and delivered to the next location, until the final destination reached. If we want to get a guarantee when the car will arrive, we should choose the expedited service. We should choose brokers and transporters with enough experience.

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