Airlines Offering A Sensational Business Class Experience

Airlines around the globe have invested a lot of efforts in providing top-notch services throughout all their classes. Right from the airport to getting to the destination, the comforts provided to travelers in today’s times is truly exceptional. The class game is high and many wish to make an effort to fly with the finest classes of an airline. When it comes to the business class, a lot of us take our travel experience very seriously and would carefully pick an airline that provides perfect services at every leg of the journey. Business class is a lot more than business; it should have the most ideal combination of work and pleasure. If you wish to know what it is like to be through a phenomenal business class experience, here are some of the excellent airlines you might want to fly with the next time you wish to travel.

  1. Etihad

The Gulf carriers are famous for their amazing services. Etihad wins the spot for being one of the best airlines having an extensive network of destinations. Etihad’s business class would perfectly tell you the perfect combination of work, play and rest. The studio, flatbed and seat offered on their business class flights are truly amazing. The cabin layout is perfect whether you wish to engage with a fellow traveler or enjoy moments of privacy. The function of an in-seat massage is one of the best facilities provided by Etihad. Its dine on demand cuisine and world class entertainment offered by the airline makes every dollar you spend totally worth the expenditure. The phenomenal lounges are a plus for all the business class passengers.

  1. Air Berlin

Germany boasts for many of its popular entities and Air Berlin is one of these. When flying with their business class, you wouldn’t face the misery of not getting a good night’s sleep. The royalties provided to the business class passengers makes it one of the most amazing airlines. All Air Berlin aircrafts are equipped with the world class facilities that make it ideal for travelers. Whether it is on ground or on board, the exclusive services provided by their cabin crew makes it a perfect journey when it comes to comforts and pleasures! The multifunctional business class seat and the wonderful ambiance make it incredibly easier to spend a long haul flight with Air Berlin!

  1. Air New Zealand

When it comes to international flights, nothing gets better than Air New Zealand’s Premier Business. The seats offered by the airline would perfectly accommodate the most personalized needs of the business travelers. It doesn’t stop there; Air New Zealand is popular worldwide for its fantastic kiwi cuisine that the passengers crave for. The premium check-in facility and the excellent lounge for the business class passengers make the journey a great experience. One of the best aspects of flying with the airline is the magical entertainment offered. It is surely one of those where it is impossible to get bored by it.

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