Travelling In Cambodia

Cambodia is a country in South East Asia with the old-world charm. Unlike other countries in the region, Cambodia hasn’t been completely washed away by western commercialism and modernity. The country won’t disappoint any traveller and it should be a very affordable place to visit. With a limited budget, we could visit the whole country and stay longer. Angkor Wat is the primary attraction in Cambodia and travellers could also visit the nearby temples of Ta Prohm and Bayon. The former has been taken over by the nature and it can be impressive to see how huge tree trunks “flow” through the ancient structures and walls. It is the place where several Hollywood movies were filmed.

Bayon is also an interesting site and it depicts the rule of the Khmer king, Jayavarman VII, who is legendary in the local history and culture. Angkor Wat itself is considered as one of the biggest religious structure in the world with a really impressive sight. It should be great for photography during sunset and sunrise. It is possible to visit Ta Phrom, Bayon and Angkor Vat in one day, because they are located closely to one another. However, it is advisable to explore Angkor Vat in one day and stay in a local inn, because the historic complex is very large. It will cost about $20 per person to visit all three locations.

Another place that we should visit in Cambodia is Siem Reap. We could go to the Old Market and its surrounding street. The market caters to both locals and foreigners. We can find crafts, souvenirs and various knickknacks in the market. We may also visit the part of the market that sells various meats and produce for the local population. We may also find higher-end goods that are relatively affordable, but still more fashionable. On the Pub Street, we could find plenty of affordable bars and restaurants to get western and local foods. The entrees will be only about $5 and eating in Siam Reap won’t break our wallet.

Restaurants in Siem Reap open for lunch and dinner, while breakfast can be found on local roadside stalls. When walking around Siem Reap, we could find many touts and beggars, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be harassed by them. We could visit the Apsara dancing show and it is a Cambodian dance that’s characterized by slow movements. In a traditional regalia, it can be performed by a group of women and men. The whole show should be worth a checking. There are many villages that we can find around Siem Reap, including Kompong Phhluk, which can be reached in an hour.

Kompong Phhluk is a unique village that is situated on high stilts, close to the huge Tonle Sap lake and a river. Visiting the village can be an interesting experience during rainy season, when the water level is higher. This allows us to take a boat ride throughout the river to enjoy the whole territory better.

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