Cloud Based Service To Boost Your Advertising Agency’s Productivity

Advertising agencies often have small teams working to cater to the demands of multiple clients. While at the same time your team has to interact with the in-house designers and the media to ensure that the creatives meet the required standards and deadlines. The performance of each team member in an advertising agency can affect the overall productivity of your organization. You must implement every possible system and solution to ensure that the cycle of events and the chain never gets broken. Managing a team that plays a multifaceted role and has strict deadlines to meet can be a daunting task. Then you have to manage other aspects of your business, especially accounts and finances. This is where technology can come to your rescue.

Cloud Technology: The New Age in IT Solutions

Cloud technology is not just about providing IT solutions. It is about affecting an advertising agency’s bottom-line and overall productivity. It can connect all your employees (and even clients and media), which makes it the perfect solution for your business. This article will introduce you to the best cloud solutions out there which can boost the productivity of an advertising agency.

Hosted SharePoint 2013: This cloud based service makes communication, collaboration and sharing a breeze for your employees across all departments. How about having a website on the cloud where all the creatives and design elements can be hosted and your marketing, designing team and clients can collaborate to get the desired final copies. This is made possible with this cloud service. It allows you to build your site in an instant and store whatever files and documents you want.

You could also determine the kind of website to be hosted – intranet (for internal teams), extranet, and client-facing sites. And the best thing is that you don’t have to pay anything for your site. That’s big savings for a fast moving business environment like an advertising agency. Share all the files and communicate on the same platform. This will give a big boost to your business’ productivity.

Benefits of Hosted SharePoint 2013

Advertising agencies will typically have a marketing team that is always on the move. The Hosted SharePoint 2013 service will give your team the freedom to access files from any location without being confined to the desktop. They can have any device with them – laptops (Windows or Mac) or mobile (iOS, Android or BlackBerry), there is no restriction to accessing the files on the cloud. This means instant delivery of creatives to clients and ready changes and approvals without wasting time and effort.

This cloud service will allow you entire time to come together and deliver optimal and efficient services to clients. Visit for more information about this cloud solution.

Cloud Desktop: Thanks to virtual desktop, you will be able to increase your workforce’s productivity while keeping the costs in control. Your teams will be able to access the cloud hosted virtual desktop from anywhere, at any time and on any device. Freedom is like the winning formula in the advertising world, where you must deliver solutions to clients on the go. And this cloud based solution can work as the perfect tool your marketing team’s hands to beat the competition and win most of the sales calls. It will also keep your designers happy, as they will be able to get instant feedback and provide immediate solutions to client demands.

Cloud Desktop Free Trial from Apps4Rent provides your workforce access to all your applications. Your teams can access the data over the Remote Data Protocol or simply over a browser on any device, without concern for the operating system.

There is 24×7 customer support along with daily backup and the highest level of security. Besides, the cloud desktop also provides your team access to other local peripherals and resources including scanners, printers and other devices remotely. Visit this link for more information about this cloud service and its benefits for your advertising agency.