Zigo Is Simplifying Online Recruitment In South Africa

Zigo.co.za is paving a new direction in managing HR operations for SMEs through a simplified job aggregator and leave days’ management system. Zigo offers companies the opportunity to advertise jobs on a single platform and the adverts are distributed to over 15 platforms including social media sites, job portals, search engines and blogs.

Zigo has developed a new HR Management feature that allows small to medium companies to manage employee leave days. The new software allows companies to track their employee leave days efficiently. Once the company opens an account with Zigo, they can add their employees to the software and easily track their leave days using the categories designed for each type of leave, i.e. family responsibility, sick leave and ordinary leave. Employees can also apply for leave through this software and it is automatically accepted or rejected depending on how much leave the employee has remaining.

Zigo Is Simplifying Online Recruitment In South Africa

The software will automatically check whether the days are allowed to be taken before an employer approves the time-off. Both the employer and the employee will be able to see how many days have been taken off and how many days are still available.

SMEs operating in South Africa tend to have difficulty finding systems to accommodate their HR needs which are cost effective. The development of this software is focussed on finding cost effective ways to accommodate varying budgets therefore it is offered free. Yes, that’s right! Free… This innovation is part of Zigo’s strategy to curb unemployment through constant development of features that help small business to manage the hiring and HR management process efficiently.

Working in conjunction with job portals such as www.executiveplacements.com and www.jobplacements.com; the site also aggregates jobs from various job portals and companies making the job search simplified for candidates. The site offers more than an aggregation but ensures that candidates have access to all the jobs available in South Africa’s private sector on a single site.