Things We Should Know About Car Rims

It is often said that flashy rims for cars are just a guy thing. It’s true that these components seem to be geared for people with masculine preferences. We have seen many cars with pounding sound system and plenty of shiny things. Men don’t seem to keep a low profile, when it comes to making their rides look good. This applies for SUV, trucks and normal passenger cars. Many don’t really mind spending nearly $10,000 for specialty wheels and other aesthetics components, as long as they look good. When asked about the same thing, women would empathetically say NO! In fact, market statistics have shown that a major proportion of shoppers at tire and wheel shops are men. Men seem like flashy things and this could be a genetic predisposition.

However, we should be aware that car rims are essential structural components for our car. They are needed to ensure good performance and handling for our car. Although we are interested with the visual looks of these rims, it is also important that they are still functionally reliable, at least similar to the generic types that come with the car. There are different details related to these rims, such as alloy material, sizes, brands, package prices and others. In this case, men should have an informed decision about the best rim for their ride. There are websites that are dedicated for car rims. In this case, we should make sure that we can enhance the handling and performance of our car. We should check with the Consumer Bureau website, to make sure that the brand can be trusted.

When we first purchased the car, it should come with standard rim, but it could go up to 27-inch or even beyond that. In any case, rear wheels are about 2 inches smaller than the front ones. With larger rims, we could actually both improve the look of our car and enhance its performance. This is also known as the plus sizing or increasing the car rim size. Plus sizing should be able to improve cornering ability, handling and steering responses. When we enlarge the tire, there’s a larger surface area of the tire that touches the ground. This will improve grip, as well as making our car looks sporty. We could choose to use the Plus Zero method, which uses the same wheel, but larger tire.

Alloy materials and chrome are also essential for the rim. This will change the overall weight of these rims. Lighter alloys could improve performance. Rims could be made from many kinds of materials, but the more popular are silver, magnesium and chrome alloys. They have shiny exterior that improves that look of our car. Custom alloy rims should go through rigorous quality control process. Heat tempering could also ensure durability and good looks. In this case, we should make sure that price isn’t the primary factor. Many less popular brands could copy cat much more popular ones and their products may not adhere to common industry standards. We should make sure to deal with only reputable sellers.

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