Movavi Software Review

Would you like to be able to create your very own videos? What about turning your photos or PowerPoint presentation into a video slideshow? Or perhaps even simply optimizing your existing videos for mobile devices such as tablets? When it comes to handling the modern day needs of media there are so many different areas that often need to be covered but the Movavi family of video software and others offers an impressive set of solutions.


Among the various software that fall under the Movavi banner, you’ll find specialized software that is able to:

  • Capture video by recording your screen.
  • Capture video from in-game footage.
  • Convert videos, images and audio files from one format to another.
  • Edit and enhance videos as well as add special effects.
  • Edit and enhance photos.
  • Create slideshows from photos or videos.
  • Edit audio files.

Even this is just a small selection of the diverse range of software that’s available with the Movavi name attached to it. And what may interest you even more is the fact that most of the software come with both PC and Mac versions so even Apple users can benefit from them.

Powerful and Intuitive Software Options

Although the various software under Movavi may fit into a diverse range of specializations, the one thing that they all share in common is the fact that they are dedicated to providing powerful and intuitive solutions for all your media needs.

Contrary to what you may expect from software that has such powerful features, Movavi has designed theirs to be as straightforward and easy-to-use as possible. All the software that carry their name feature accessible user interfaces that put the features you need within a few clicks – and using them will feel natural.

Because of the approach Movavi takes, it ensures that its software is useful for both advanced users as well as beginners. Experienced users will benefit from the extensive array of features that they bring to the table, while beginners will also be able to benefit from the fact that it is all so user-friendly.

Assuming you’re looking for a media solution, it would definitely be a good idea to check out the software in the Movavi family. It shouldn’t be too hard to find one that suits your needs, and you can rest assured that you’ll be able to use it to good effect to get the job done – no matter what it may be.