5 Best SMS Apps For Android Smartphones

To send and receive messages, you need an SMS app. Now a day’s many apps are now lacking in features and aren’t always as visually, more or less successful, complicated or innovative, These applications are increasing day-by-day, the competition is growing and therefore it becomes less and less easy to choose from the wide range of available apps on the Google Play Store. Here are the best free android messaging apps.


5 Best SMS Apps For Android Smartphones

QKSMS brings a beautiful and responsive Material Design, an SMS replacement, great graphical appearance, Very pretty, and the amount of advanced features for messaging. It gives a large room for customization with a variety of themes (including a night mode), it also includes a quick response function, bundled messages, all within an application without advertising. The application is completely open source and therefore free for installing. There are 19 beautiful colors available by default.


5 Best SMS Apps For Android Smartphones1

EvolveSMS meets the latest standards of graphical Design and solid colors, round icons that are in the spotlight. It provides a smooth interface for sliding between conversations.

In addition, the application allows you to schedule SMS sending and it provides Full multimedia support including sending pictures, videos, audio, contacts, and GIFs. Finally, EvolveSMS offers a Password protection.

SMS Textra

5 Best SMS Apps For Android Smartphones2

Textra is highly customizable. It is an SMS and MMS replacement app. 100+ material design theme, it is possible for you to choose the ambience of your application option to turn on night mode by making text color as or black to change white background. A recovery function of increasing frequency. You can also mute individual conversations.

Offering more than just management of your text messages, Textra will provide you the ability to quickly respond to your messages, to be notified by floating notifications, create signatures, specific notifications. You can also request an automatic recording of videos and images in your smartphone.

Chomp SMS

5 Best SMS Apps For Android Smartphones3

This is a fairly old app from the early smartphones. Chomp has grown and changed. It is one of the most popular messaging applications. Screen colors, wallpapers and LED colors. Home screen offers widgets to quickly reply to your messages without launching the application.

It provides many Emoji, password lock, a lock of your messages and other security options, including a blacklist. It also provides a quick response function. Chomp also supports Android Wear and PushBullet.


5 Best SMS Apps For Android Smartphones4

Mysms enhances your messaging experience on your smartphone and to manage your Android SMS notifications on your computer. MySMS is a multi-platform service. It works on Windows, but also for Mac web browsers. You can send messages from your computer if you have registered your phone number. You can create grouped messages, schedule, and save your archives and offers compatibility with Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive. It will notify you of the same message over and over again.

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