Unlocking Your True Potential: Why Should You Learn Guitar

In this busy life, where the raw music has been taken over the fast beat culture, it makes a lot of sense to learn an instrument, and due to cost and compatibility issues, there are only a few instruments that you can learn. Out of them the most versatile, complete and the cost effective instrument is guitar.

Unlocking Your True Potential: Why Should You Learn Guitar

Normally you could start off with an acoustic guitar and then successively progress onto electronic one. Price range of an acoustic guitar starts from Rs 2,500 (US$40) onwards, and it is easy to carry, even if there is any damage in the guitar chord, then most of the retailers who sell these guitars would be able to repair the chord or anything else.

Compared to a piano, guitar is a very simple instrument, which can be easily handled. So how do you start learning the guitar?

Here are some steps for you to get started with the guitar.

  1. Be steady: Doesn’t matter if you are slow or fast, but be steady – consistency holds the key in learning any trait and that includes guitar, so ensure that you regularly develop the attitude of learning guitar.
  2. Learn chords: It is important to learn chords and the pressure at which they operate at, most of the newbies make this mistake of overstressing the chord which wreaks havoc on their hands. Learn chords and make it progressive.
  3. Get the right pose: Often, playing guitar is hours of practice, hence ensure that you get into the right pose when you play the guitar, this is very crucial and important.
  4. Take breaks: With any activity, you would be driven by passion, but do not let that take over your body and listen to it, and once you master the art of taking the breaks then you would see a realm of possibilities.
  5. Maintain a diary: Enter your experience or new learnings in it, again it is an important aspect of learning any sort of music, as music is often an experience, you can’t record everything in your mind, so it is good to maintain some sort of a diary which helps you to go over everything, as and when you need it.
  6. Learn with friends: It is important as the group tends to impart more than what you can individually garner, any instrument is learned well only if it is learned in groups, so keep this key rule in your mind.
  7. Test your skills: Why not have someone evaluate your skills, it doesn’t have to be a specialist, but can be anyone who likes music. You judge the music of various guitarists despite not knowing anything about it, right? Similarly, they can give you feedback, too!
  8. Get a guitar instructor: This is the fast track way of doing things and doing them quickly, anyone who masters this art, will definitely be able to help you, and hence getting a guitar instructor pays off, that will add more to your competence. Using apps like UrbanClap India, can help you get a nice guitar instructor at no fee.
  9. Be confident:This is indispensable, in any skill or thing that you learn, this is the most crucial thing that determines your trajectory of learning things, so be confident and have unbridled faith in your ability.

Remember, learning guitar is no big deal, only if you are confident and do things right, we strongly recommend you to get guitar instructors if possible to improve your learning curve. You can use app of the UrbanClap Company to get guitar instructors for no fee, so be bold and learn a new skill.