Tips To Follow To Send a Parcel To Ireland

If you have family members and relatives in Ireland, you might want to send them parcel at one point of time or the other. It has been observed that people send various household items in Ireland such as computer parts, clothing, bikes, mobile phones, toys and various others. It is imperative to know about the rules and regulations as to avoid any conflicts later on.

The parcel companies are doing wonderful job by connecting people with one another from different parts of the globe. It has become possible to send gifts and essential items to country like Ireland using the services of these parcel and courier companies. If you are planning to send the parcel to this country, you need to keep in mind below mentioned key points:

Know About the Items to be Couriered

Before packing your items, you should know the list of items, which you can send to Ireland. This is because; some of the items should not be sent to this country as per the rules and regulations. Some of these items are animal products, tobacco, milk and cream, living animals, bees, pesticides, plants, seed potatoes and various others. You should check the list of these items well in advance so that you don’t pack them because they will be rejected later on.

The Price of Items to be Couriered

It is suggested to know the price and other charges to send the parcel to Ireland. It depends on the weight and volume of the item. If you want to save some money while sending a parcel to this country, you can use the space available to the fullest. The mode of shipment also has a great impact on the charges. Most of the courier companies offer Air express and road express courier services. The price may differ from one service to another. You can get the complete details using quotes and choose the one, which best fits in your requirements and budget.

Packing the Parcel

People hardly take care of packing the stuff properly. However, the valuable items may get lost in the middle and cause a lot of hassles. In order to avoid it, you should pack the items properly and by wrapping the suitable paper around it. It you are sending something which can be broken due to sudden shock, you can use paper and foam to be kept in the package. This way, the items can be transported from one country to another in a proper manner.

Ask for Quotes

If you want to choose the best courier service provider, you can get online and browse the sites of several providers who have offices in Ireland. It is a good idea to fill out the form available on the sites and ask for quotes. This way, you will be able to compare the services, price of a number of courier service providers, choose the best one according to your needs, and budget.

By sending a gift or essential items, you can make your loved ones happier in Ireland.

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