Your Very Own Palace On Wheels To Relax and Rejuvenate: Opt For The Custom-built Caravans

custom built caravans

Over many years, the word caravan has changed meanings; the times of the Silk Road saw the caravan as a means of transporting goods towards Asia and china. However now the term caravan carries a meaning of its own, the modern caravan is a home on wheels, offering all the luxuries of your home anywhere you want it, modern caravans are very popular in the regions of Britain and USA where the people love to enjoy the great outdoors all while having the comforts of home. The custom built caravans can be equipped with basic and additional features depending on the climate and the personalized tastes of the owners or those who rent custom built caravans. These caravans have greater aerodynamics features and also features related to maximum utilization of space and they also help in reducing fuel costs.

Custom Built Caravans: the Modern Day Features

As the name implies, a custom based caravan is built on the basis of the customer’s requirement. The empty caravan shell is decided by the customer depending upon the different size or shape and is then shown the list of options that can be added to the caravan, no two caravans built by the company can ever be same for the sake of exclusivity to each individual customer. In order to do so, each client decides the list of options which he wishes installed in his caravan, these options can range between the following:-

  • Electronic appliances
  • Interior design
  • Paint
  • Interior components
  • Lighting
  • Build materials

Materials used to Construct the Caravan:

As the above list mentioned, there is a big choice in the available materials which can be used in the construction of the caravan itself, which can range from wooden flooring to even marble. Some high end custom caravan manufacturers offer a very high level of exclusivity most often found in the United states who tend to offer caravans which can when stopped expand significantly to help in providing much more interior room to the occupants while also providing luxuries such as massive HDTV’s and high speed internet as well. Some manufacturers even offer them with undercarriage storage for any supercar that can be fit underneath in accordance with the car’s height and the available space underneath.

Offering a Host of Options to Choose from:

  • Custom made caravans offer varying degrees of luxuries to their customers, although very expensive, many customers still resort to having their caravans made rather than to just buy a readymade caravan.
  • Based on the customer’s requirements they can even have it painted in any color that they desire also based on the shades of different colors, there is even an option to have several different kinds of designs which can be added to the exterior to help provide a more personal touch to the customer.
  • Apart from this, the customer also has a choice of the appliances which he would like to have fitted to his caravan including the choice of various different sizes of HDTV’s and even the kitchen countertop and the chemical toilet can be customized according to the customer’s needs.
  • Another factor of exclusivity rests in the interior which has the full range of trim colors available along with the roofing and the lighting inside the caravan.

The caravans are normally retrofitted with anti roll bars and are raised in accordance with the size of the dampers and the tires fitted to compensate for the rough terrain ahead.

The custom made caravans can be a very pricey option, but when done right can offer a great level of exclusivity. So go ahead and enjoy. There is also a fact that these caravans can be taken even to narrow roads and the most congested areas as well. The space utility options make it easier to operate and invest on these custom built caravans. If you still want to know more then do some research online for the best custom-built caravans.

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