How To Select The Best Accommodation On Business Trip or Family Tour ?

You have to struggle a lot to select a suitable hotel because there are wide varieties of options available. A little initial research can definitely make a difference and ease your task.

First, your choice of best hotels at Leh India will depend on why you need it for a business trip or family vacation.

Location – The foremost factor is the hotel’s setting or location. If you are planning family trip then the location must practically be near tourist attractions and picnic spots. If it is for business purpose, the closeness to nearby town is crucial. Your preference list can also include hotels in close proximity to different shopping sites.

Accessibility – The hotel must be easily accessible by public transport. It must have parking facility, if you travel by car. It is beneficial, if the hotel offers shuttle service to nearby tourist attractions, railway station, or airport. Accommodation size and other facilities along with loyalty benefits have to be considered.

If you are on a business trip, the hotel room will be your office. So ensure that you get all tech needs provided at the potential hotel to enjoy an efficient and relaxing stay.

Free, stable, and secure Wi-Fi – In hotels, where many guests stay connected with the internet simultaneously can possibly slow down your work progress. Before booking a room find out from the receptionist how reliable their Wi-Fi connection is.

Lots of sockets – You will probably pack a mobile, laptop, tablet and other hi-tech gadgets, while traveling. Unplugging a lamp close to the bed or coffee maker or alarm clock to make room for charging other devices is not ideal. This is another aspect to look into.

Lighting – Good lighting is necessary, when you work on your laptop writing reports or digging through paper works. It keeps you alert longer without causing eyestrain.

Adjustable thermostat – Outdated HVAC can be loud and disturb your mid night sleep. This can affect the conference you have to attend the next day. In brief, room too hot or cold can affect your sleep and ultimately productivity. Adjustable thermostat in your room allows controlling the system easily, whenever necessary.

Other helpful facilities to look for include – Laundry facilities, doctor on call, library, cuisine, rooms have attached bathroom with hot water, cable TV, Intercom, conference facility and more. These added services are valuable because they make your stay at the hotel more comfortable.

Reviews – Never ignore checking reviews shared by different people, who stayed at the hotel. You get to know if they had a good or bad experience. Online is the best medium to look for reviews. Travel forums, social media sites, and hotel review sites can be helpful. The probability of finding negative reviews is possible because every person’s expectations differ. It helps to make a shrewd decision.

Price factor – Look for hotels offering attractive deals and luxurious accommodations that suit your budget. Online comparison can be made with available options to attain a good deal.

Even ensure the hotel’s cancellation policy, check-in, and checkout timings. If early check-in is allowed, it can be beneficial because you don’t have to wait in the lobby till your room gets ready.

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