How To Land A Job In Logistics

Concerned with the movement of commodities between their point of origin and their final destination, which is usually a client or customer, the logistics sector is one of the most important parts of the supply chain. Those that work in logistics are tasked with managing the flow of such items and ensuring that a product’s requirements are fulfilled. World trade is booming, and more items than ever before need to be shipped across countries and continents. Logistics, therefore, is a growing industry, filled with opportunities and success stories; have you got what it takes?

Discovering Logistics

Occupying numerous roles and offering opportunities to people regardless of their level of education, the logistics sector is a promising field to enter into. After all, very few careers can boast the variety or international experience that logistics offers, and you’re unlikely to find as many chances for advancement anywhere else within the manufacturing industry.

How To Land A Job In Logistics

So, what qualifications are you likely to need for a job in logistics? Well, as there are so many roles that you could potentially occupy, this question is a little complicated. While many roles don’t require excessive qualifications, it can be a good idea to possess the basics – English and math – and a grasp of the career that you may be hoping to graduate into. If you’re interested in a management or supervisory role, for example, a complex understanding of supply chain principals is essential, while an analyst role will expect software experience and IT skills. The good news is that logistics is a great field for learning on the job, and you will receive a fantastic set of skills simply by starting at the bottom. Potential roles that you could look into include demand planning analyst, procurement manager, distributor, driver, consultant, and warehouse operative, with tasks as varied as picking and packing items, to managing inventories and overseeing entire operations – now you may be starting to see why a career in such an industry is so exciting!

A Logistics Success Story

If you’re unsure about a career in logistics or are intrigued by the success you’re likely to encounter, it can be useful to look towards people such as Clarence Gooden, the President of internationally renowned transportation company CSX. As one of the nation’s leading logistics companies, CSX is in charge of shipping items across 23 states, following 21,000 route miles of track in order to do so. According to the company’s website, nearly two-thirds of Americans live within CSX territory, giving you some idea of their scope. CSX is a fantastic starting point for your career research; you may as well jump in at the deep end. Clarence Gooden’s blog is filled with logistics-related statistics, news stories, and innovations, which would be particularly interesting to anybody considering a career in the field. It certainly pays to be in the know, and Clarence, who has worked in a variety of roles within the logistics sector, is a fine example of the types of places you’re destined to travel to within your new career.

One thing’s for sure – you’re unlikely to find a career as diverse, challenging, and rewarding as one within the logistics sector, particularly if your passions lie within ensuring products reach the right people. Logistics workers are dedicated, efficient, organized, and often good-humored – well, you’d have to be in a role that is as pressured as many are in this sector. If this sounds like you, be sure to research probable roles, begin to network, and prepare to be welcomed aboard with open arms.