How to Brand a Non-Profit Business?

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Branding is actually an important process to share your business’ mission and it brings your important vision to the public. It is an essential activity needed for recognition and real growth. It’s about conditioning the general public that there’s a product and service that can satisfy their desire, need and want. This concept works for non-profit business too, because consumers often have the desire and want to help others and do social activities. With proper branding, we should be able to affect the hearts and minds of our prospective donors. Branding shouldn’t be designed to deceive and it should allow people to feel easier about themselves. Branding shouldn’t be designed to deceive, instead it should help people to understand and know us. With proper branding, people will be more likely to donate and use our services to help others. Through branding, we can build a strong identity and this can be creative, quick representation of our non-profit organization. Unfortunately, it could take hundreds of thousands of dollars to establish, develop and maintain our brand.

In general, brand development for non-profit organizations shouldn’t be too expensive. We don’t require significant investment of money and time. In the end, we need to prioritize on introducing parts of non-profit business that we are proud of. This will encourage prospective donors to provide their fund. The value of our branding program should be felt externally and internally. It can be highly energizing and motivating to be involved in the identity creation process. We should reconsider the public representation of our organization and any positive change should be immediately incorporated in branding. In general, our image should be relevant, stylish and updated. There are different elements of branding that we need to consider, such as the name of our organization. Logo is another component that we need to consider and it incorporates customized typeface and graphic image. Our branding campaign should also work well if we use a short tagline that works as a brief, complementary descriptor of our services. In general, name, logo and tagline are essential tools that any non-profit business should have.

Naming is an important process in branding and we often need to get professional guidance. In this case, it is important for us to put some careful consideration during the branding process. The name, logo and tagline we use may not please everyone, but we should still be able to choose the best ones for our business. In the end, people could appreciate our effort. Name and tagline should be easy to pronounce and they should mean the same thing to those who hear them for the first time.

When the name of our company is relatively long, we should be able to shorten it and it should be suitable for our web address. Logo should be used as the graphical representation of our non-profit organization. It should be able to reflect our vision and if possible set the overall tone of our organization.

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