How To Ask For A Salary Raise?

Asking for a salary is a difficult job that even experience employees feel scared of it. But no matter how scare you are, asking for a raise is important for career growth. It’s good for personal growth too as raise supplement your confidence. However, asking it in a wrong way can cause you your job as well.

1. Prove your worth: Best strategy to get a raise is by showing stellar and consistent performance. You may think that since you have given your years of services so you deserve an increment on the basis of your time. That’s not the kind of attitude which will win you an increment. Present your performance and beat the discussion with best of your work in hand. Let your work speak for you.

2. Know your standing in the market: Knowing your work before asking for a raise is very important. Half of the part will be done when you’ll evaluate your performance in the office but a broader approach will require you to understanding your standing in the industry as well. Several websites offer market value of different professions such as can get you a glimpse of pay scale of different jobs and companies. You can take a hint of your market value from these sites. For instance if you are applying for a raise in engineering sector particularly in Lahore, you must know what is the worth of engineering jobs in Lahore.

3. Do it when you are flying high: Asking for the raise just for the sake of it is not a good idea. Go for a raise discussion when your company is going on right waves like no downsizing in the office.

4. Be ready with a plan B: Raises are mostly in the hands of the employers. They can refuse you for a raise even if you are a star performer and bosses are really glad with you work. Therefore, don’t make it a blow to your ego if the boss says no to raise petition. Analyze the situation objectively and plan what you can do without salary raise.

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