Ferrari Museum In Maranello

One of the very best experiences in all of Italy is a visit to the Ferrari museum in Maranello, just outside of Bologna, Italy. The “Museo Ferrari in Maranello” displays the incredible history of Ferrari all the way back to its founding in 1947 by the legendary Enzo Ferrari. Located just 300 meters from the Ferrari factory where the cars are produced, the Ferrari museum in Maranello features exhibits displaying the technological innovations that Ferrari used to transition racing cars to luxury street cars for the financially elite’s consumptions. The museum however is not just to show case Ferraris plethora of cars, but also the numerous racing trophies they have earned to photos and objects from throughout their historical dominance of the Italian motor racing industry.

Opening in 1990 with a whole new wing added in 2004, the Ferrari museum in Maranello has been a must see for any car enthusiast visiting Italy. With over 150,000 visitors annually, this 2,500 square museum was developed by Mr. Yaron Meiri CEO of the Oran Group. Not only do visitors have a chance to tour the museum for as long as they desire, but for an extra fee are also given the option to test drive a Ferrari, a true once in a lifetime experience that not many people will ever get to participate in.

The exhibits in the Ferrari museum in Maranello take a look at not only the present and past, but future of Ferrari worldwide. Visitors can gain an understanding of a pit stop of a Formula 1 race complete with a “pit stop wall” where they can view the drivers in-race driving behaviors and actions during a pit stop and throughout the races. A theater room is also a big attraction where visitors can view films of some of the most historic Formula 1 races throughout Ferrari’s history. One of the most unique and must-see attractions at the museum is a Formula 1 simulator where visitors of all ages have the opportunity to get the feel, sights and sounds of racing an actual Ferrari race care with an enormous screen and machinery to give you as close to a real life feel as possible. A trip to the Ferrari museum would not be complete without visiting the large Ferrari store upon exiting the museum to get some “Prancing horse” gear to take home with you as well pick something up for some family and friends back home!

The Ferrari museum in Maranello is open every day year round with the exception of New Years and Christmas day. From November 1 to March 31 the museum is open from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM, with the remainder of the year being open until 7:00 PM. Children under the age of 18, students and seniors over the age of 65 can all gain access at a reduced price. Children under the age of five years old can enter the museum free of charge. For the very best prices and customer service for your visit to the Ferrari museum in Maranello – tickets can be found at