Ajmer – The Sacred and Historic City Of Faith, Prayers, Dargah Sharif and Pushkar Base

Ajmer - The Sacred and Historic City Of Faith, Prayers, Dargah Sharif and Pushkar Base

Ajmer is situated amidst the Aravali mountains and it is the fifth largest city of Rajasthan. The city is best known for the shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti who was the first Sufi saint of India. The base office for Pushkar, a famous Hindu pilgrimage center, is also here in Ajmer. Hence, most of the tourists who travel to Ajmer seek to offer their prayers at the Moinuddin Chisti Dargah for blessings. Known as Dargah Sharif, the site is revered amongst both Hindus and Muslims. Moinuddin Chisti was an immigrant from Persia. His devotion to the poor found him many followers and hence the place became a renowned shrine after him. Since a number of visitors arrive in Ajmer from time to time, it is best to book your stay in advance as the hotels in Ajmer get full during peak seasons of pilgrimage, such as during the period of Urs.

Here are some other popular attractions in and around Ajmer that you can visit during your trip:

  • Ana Sagar Lake – It is named after Anaji Chauhan. He was the grandfather of the legendary ruler Prithviraj Chauhan. Spread over 13 km, this place is now a picnic site for the visitors and offers a serene view of the landscape.
  • Pushkar Lake – This lake is considered among the holiest lakes in India and it is said that the water of this place can cure many diseases. It has 52 bathing ghats and folklore has it that this lake was created by Lord Brahma himself. It is a major Hindu pilgrimage site. The mention of Pushkar Lake can be found inscribed in the coins of 4th century. It implies the significance of the place in Hindu mythology.
  • Taragarh – It is another site of popular tourist visits. It is a fort on Nag Pahari Hill. It is considered as the first hill fort of Asia and also known as the Ajmer Fort. It takes about 2 hours to climb to this fort.
  • Akbar Mahal – This is the citadel of Akbar which was built in 1570. It is considered one of the strongest forts of historic India.
  • Nasiyan Temple – Dedicated to Lord Adinath, this red temple was built in 1865. It is a beautiful temple and worth a visit. It also has a museum that has an interior made of gold. It is also known as Swarna Mandir.
  • Archeological Museum of Ajmer – It was built in 1949. It displays materials excavated from past civilizations as well as some ancient sculptures. Some artefacts such as the Yupa Pillars date back to 8th century. It is an interesting place for some historical insights.

Ajmer can be reached by road route easily as it is situated on National Highway 8 on the Golden Quadrilateral. It is just 130 km from Jaipur International Airport. Regular buses ply from Delhi and Jaipur. Once you explore the place, the next destination worth a visit from here is Udaipur. You can reach from Ajmer to Udaipur via road in just 5-6 hours as the distance is about 300 km.

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