XNSPY: Breaking The Stereotypes About Clichéd Mobile Spying App Business

Mobile spying app

It’s the digital world –You get lucky enough and you are a millionaire overnight or, maybe not. It’s all about how you brand your product to people. But the problem with digital products is that, they are way too easy to replicate, even though with all the copyrights stuff, there is very less to protect the originality of your product. Take the example of how every other smartphone manufacturer is taking ‘inspiration’ from the iPhone’s design. The apparent ones getting ‘inspired’ by iPhone 6 design are the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Now take the example of Flappy Bird, a 2D famous hit game on iOS and Android devices. Just within a few days, Play Store and App store were flooded with replicas like ‘flabby bird’, ‘Slacky bird’ etc.

My point here is that, this replication of ideas has really affected a few digital products market; one victim of this duplication is the Mobile spying app market. Mobile monitoring apps, smartphone monitoring, smartphone spying etc. are many shades of a single product, a spy app. The other misfortune is the stereotypes that revolve around smartphone monitoring.

Monitoring is not a bad thing. It lets you protect your kids from online and out-of-the-house dangers. There is too much on the internet to prove that kids are not safe whether it’s digital world or the physical. Similarly, smartphone monitoring can work as a workplace monitoring tool to provide fast and easy access to employees’ emails and other cell phone related activities.

This app XNPSPY is all about how you can manage your kids and employees in their digital and physical world. With Features like phone logs tracking, it can access calls logs, contacts, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries and even texts from the target device. It also lets you take a control over the target smartphone with the Remote Control feature. Kids can be mediated or directed to effectively use their smartphones. For example, it’s pretty handy for me to lock my kids’ phones and tablets during night so that they can have a good night’s sleep.

The best thing about XNSPY is that it has a GPS tracker. Use it to track your kids’ Real-time location or manage their location history, its damn easy, but make sure that you have an Android or iOS device before buying this app. Currently XNSPY isn’t offering the app for other platforms but we have heard, the developers are looking into making it available on other platforms too.

Overall, the app is a genuine product. If you are looking out for some real innovation and not just a mere rip-off, XNSPY will offer you excellent monitoring experience and a superior customer support. There are many other reasons to buy XNSPY like the IM chats monitoring that’s available for apps like Facebook, Viber, Line, Kik, Skype, iMessage and most importantly, WhatsApp.

You can get this mobile spying app for a very low price of just $8.33/month for the basic edition. It’s also available in premium edition for $12.49/month.