The Best Times Of The Year To Vacation The Land Of Fun and Smiles – Thailand

Have you planned to visit Thailand for your next vacation? There are so many Europeans travelling there. Many North Americans feel it’s too far and skip the place. However, it is worth visiting this exotic location. It is an amazing destination.  The apt time to enjoy your vacation in Thailand would depend on your preferences.

If you were not worried about cost and looking out for sunshine and beaches, you would love the peak season. However, if you are on a budget and prefer to avoid crowds, rainy season would be the best.

Climate in Thailand:

  • January to March: This is in fact the peak season here. In other words, these are the most popular and expensive months to visit this place. There is very low humidity during this time of the year. If you are planning to visit Thailand at this time of the year, make sure to book your flights and accommodation 3 months in advance, so that you get low airfare and wide choice of rooms.

Best hotels in popular tourist destinations like Phuket are fully booked several months ahead. Hotels usually charge more than double the rent. If you postpone your booking to the last moment, you still would get quite decent accommodation, but you will have only few options to choose from. The streets would be so crowded and there will be more traffic.

  • April: The rainy season starts just after this month. This is the month of Songkran whether their citizens celebrate New Year by drenching each other with cold water. You can experience this only in Thailand and this is why you will find a sea of tourists at this time of the year. Prepare to be completely soaked when you walk along the street.
  • May to August: This marks the beginning of rainy season and the climate is pleasant. There will be more humidity and rains will be frequent. It can be sunny or cloudy and there will be intense rainstorms too. If you are lucky, you might even get a suntan. This is the best time for relaxing and shopping lethargically. If you are a shopaholic, have a great time bargaining. Hotels offer 50% discount during rainy season.
  • September and October: These are the wettest months. The only advantage you will enjoy is the rock bottom prices for accommodation.
  • November and December: This is the beginning of peak season. Humidity level goes down and this too depends on your luck. Although there will be considerable number of tourists at this time, the count is still less than the peak season. If you are looking for pleasant climate with moderate crowd and reasonable prices, this is the best time.

You will be thrilled to find your perfect Koh Chang vacation rentals for lower prices on the websites of reputed tour organizing companies. There are some regional differences in temperature. The average temperature goes as high as 37 °C and goes as low as 15 °C.

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