Does Your Company Need VPS Hosting

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VPS hosting is one of the ways to host your website online. Many companies quickly outgrow shared hosting and if that has happened to yours, chances are you might just need VPS hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and with this type of hosting your company will still share a physical server with someone else but there will be no evidence of it and there will be no more troubles running your website.

You will still share things such as processors and storage but your VPS will be isolated from any other servers with whom you share the physical sever. If you think it is time to choose find something better and forget about shared hosting you should check out the following information on VPS and see why this could be the right way of hosting for you.

Does Your Company Need VPS Hosting

When to choose VPS?

As mentioned above, shared hosting can cause quite a few problems for your website. You never know with whom you are sharing the server and how demanding those other sites may be. This may cause your site to work slower and thus not promote your company in a proper way. In addition to this, not all of the options are available on shared servers. You won’t be able to have things like shopping carts or video streams until you decide to upgrade your server and move to VPS hosting. If you have outgrown shared hosting it is the great time to switch to VPS and face these problems no more. The speed of your website won’t depend on anyone else and you’ll have some options on which you were missing out while on a shared server. VPS is a great option for any smaller companies that do not want to lose more time on shared hosting.

Why should you choose VPS?

VPS is a great option for hosting as it gives your website the proper power without having to spend too much many. Since there is no evidence of sharing, there will be no troubles with the speed of your website and it will gain much power. It is a great thing that upgrading VPS is quite simple and it can grow together with your company. As your need for more power on the website increases, you can upgrade your databases and service lines and thus get the power you need.

This means that you do not have to spend too much money when switching to VPS, but only as much as you need at that point and then spend more as your company grows. There are also many other reasons why you will want to find yourself a company that will provide you managed hosting services and support your website completely.

Do you need More Security?

Besides all the above mentioned reasons to choose VPS there is one more that may be very important in the running of any website and that is security. It is obvious that shared hosting does not provide you with the level of security you need. With all of the other sites on the same server you never know how secured you are.

In VPS you are isolated from any other servers and there is no need to fear if something happens to them as you do not depend on them at all and you are provided with extra level of protection. When you are hosting your website on VPS you have the option to set your security parameters exactly the way you want them to be.

Because all of this, VPS hosting is something that most of the companies are eager to choose. Not only that this way of hosting provides them with exact power and everything else they need but it is also not too much expansive and will only have the positive impact on the growth of your company. Of course, there are dedicated servers where there is no sharing at all and the whole physical server is only yours. Still, this is used only for very big companies which are able to afford having such a server. For any smaller company that expects to grow, VPS hosting is the best possible solution.