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We are now leading a very busy life and hardly get time to relax and enjoy ourselves. After the routine hard work you certainly deserve a well earned break and you can visit the online travel sites for having a nice break. But you may not be well informed on how to avail the best deals for this well deserved vacation.

Travel websites and the airlines have varying prices minute to minute and this can be frustrating. It is advisable to plan your holidays well in advance because earlier you book your airline tickets, better rates will be offered to you. In case you book a ticket three months in advance, the fare will certainly be much less than if these tickets had been bought three weeks prior to the journey. In emergent situations you will have to travel when required at a short notice without availing advance booking. But in these situations it becomes more important to follow the tips mentioned in this article.

You should avoid making travel plans by air on holidays or weekends because a lot of people are off their work on these days and prefer to get away. This is most expensive time to travel due to supply and demand of air tickets. You day of travel is very important as that will determine your savings. Sometimes it may be more beneficial to sacrifice few days of the vacations in order to avail maximum benefits. Normally if you travel on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday you are likely to get more discounts than if you travel on Monday, Friday or Sunday. is the best site to explore for best travel deals.

Frequent travelers, travel agents and travel executives will confirm that Tuesday and Wednesdays are most affordable days for booking air tickets using Makemytrip flight coupons. You will realize that discounted deals are offered on travel sites on Monday night when discounted airlines seats can apparently be reduced to 15% to 33% in certain cases. Some big airline would offer heavy discounted fare on night of Monday and competitor airlines would normally go with the trend on morning of Tuesday. When you pick up the laptop on Thursday or Friday for arranging bookings, you would realize that air fare has increased significantly.

For checking the variance in prices related to the day of booking your travel, have a look at travel sites as on various days of week and use ctrip coupons. But ensure that same airlines and same discount travel service are used as reference for going to sites on different days of week. You will normally see twenty five percent to a one third decrease in price of tickets in early days of week.

Airlines follow booking patterns and if they find that volume is particularly high on specific destination/seat, the fares might go unexpectedly for given seats few minutes later. Sometimes even on finding a good deal on other site, you continue searching for still better deal, you might have missed on the excellent deal when you try to retrieve that again.

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