The Rise In Social Media Use

The Rise In Social Media Use

In recent years, home internet use has become more affordable and accessible to ordinary people. Access to the internet is now nearly universal and is becoming even more widespread due to the development of smartphone technology, which means that it is easy to get online even when on the move.

The Rise In Social Media Use

Another relatively recent phenomenon is the extensive use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. In fact, according to the Guardian, more than one in three people in the UK are using Facebook on a daily basis.

Keeping in Touch

These days, many families and friends are spread far and wide across the country or even across the globe, as people are more likely to move in search of better jobs. Social media offers a fantastic way to keep in touch with your loved ones even if you don’t actually see each other that often. Countless people use their accounts to upload photos and give their news on what is happening in their lives. We have all become used to knowing what is going on with our Facebook friends as soon as it happens.

Promoting Your Own Business via Social Media

If you run your own business, it makes sense to take advantage of the popularity of social media forums to promote your services. For instance, if you make good use of your Facebook page to give a favourable first impression of your business, it is possible to create a marked increase in traffic to your website. According to the BBC, the median age of a Facebook user is 22, so you are likely to do particularly well with this method if your products and services are aimed at younger people. Of course, once potential customers visit your website, it is crucial that it is well designed and user-friendly in order to maximise your possible conversion rate (the number of website visits which actually turn into sales). Many small-business owners choose to employ professional software testing services such as Bugfinders who specialise in software testing. This will ensure that your company’s website is running without a hitch.

All in all, the explosion in social media use can only be a good thing for businesses large and small, as it offers another effective way to get your profile into the public domain.