How Technology Is Playing An Important Role In Education?

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Technology has revolutionized almost every field of life. It has made life easier and comfortable. There would hardly be a single field of life that is not affected by technology. Be it health, communication, entertainment or education, technology has left a great impact on all of these fields. Saying this will not be wrong that this era is the age of technology where no work can be done without technology. You can see the machines used in hospitals for treatment of patients, computers in schools and offices, television, and telephone, etc. all of these are the biggest examples of technology. In short, technology is everywhere. We can not even think of living our life without it.

How Technology Is Playing An Important Role In Education

Role of Technology:

Like many other fields, the field of education is not too spared from the effects of technology. It is considered an important part of the education and is playing a very significant role for the betterment of teachers, students and also for the development of education. Discussed below is a role of technology in education.

New Mode of Education:

Technology has introduced a new mode of education for people. All our life, we have seen the system of traditional schools, colleges and universities where students go to complete their education, but now technology has come up with a new and the most convenient mode of education and that is online education. It is also called distance education. People can now easily get education from the comforts of their home. All they will need is a reliable internet connection and admission in one of the online institutions. Online education allows people to get education from their home. They can attend classes according to their convenience. It is best for people who have other responsibilities and jobs to do along with their studies.

Source of Information:

Internet is the marvelous invention of technology. It provides a lot of advantages to students, but most important of them all is that it is the biggest source of information that students can use for making their notes, essays, assignments and research papers etc. Internet is a complete source of information. Students can easily find information about anything on the internet. Be it about history, geography, economics, etc. they can get details about everything online.

Easy Learning:

Technology has made learning easy and comfortable for students by providing with a number of effective educational tools like computers, projectors, etc. Students can now get video lectures in their class which improves their learning ability.

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