5 Ways To Pack Our Luggage

There are a couple of types of people in this planet, people who know how pack properly and those who don’t. Packing our luggage is an easy thing to do, even presidents and billionaires can do that alone. However, many of us think that we can pack, but in reality, we don’t. Packing our luggage can be a rather tricky task and it is simply an art of using our limited space, without making it difficult to access our items. Unless we are a highly experienced traveller who knows how to pack our items, it is strongly recommended to practice doing it when we are planning our trip.

Here are some hints we should follow:

  1. Categorize our items: Before we actually start packing, it is important to make a list of our items and categorize them. We should fold all our pants and clothes into similar size and pile them outside our bag. We could also group our electronic devices and decide, which item should go to which sleeve in our bag. If we have got fragile stuff, it is important to arrange special packaging procedure to make sure that it can be protected.
  2. Use inside separators: Once we have categorized our stuffs, the next thing we should do is to separate them. Luggage separators can help us organize our items. If we don’t have separators, we could use large plastic bags that allow us to put clothes and other items. By separating our items in plastic bags inside our luggage, it would be easy to locate and get items quickly. If we have electronic devices, we could put them inside extra plastic bags to protect them against moisture and rain.
  3. Adjust things based on the right order: Categorizing and separating our items are not enough, we should also put them based on specific order. We should put items that we use often on the top of the pile inside plastic bags. This will further make it easier to access things.
  4. Maximize capacity: Packing is also about maximizing the usage of space. There are actually some empty spaces we can use. We can shove socks and other small items inside our shoes. We shouldn’t bring items inside their paper box, because we will waste valuable space. With these simple methods, it should be very easy to significantly increase the capacity of our luggage.
  5. Use common sense: Packing for abroad travelling can be more complicated than domestic ones. However, the above steps should help us minimize mess caused by custom officers. They would also be satisfied to know that they can see every item inside the transparent plastic bags inside our luggage. Passports and other essential documents are vital when we are visiting foreign country, so we should pack them into our luggage. We should use TSA-accepted locks, if we don’t mind a broken and cracked lock. We should also bring expensive items with us inside the cabin, these include DSLR cameras and jewelleries.

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