4 Things You Should Not Do In The Social Media Marketing

4 Things You Should Not Do In The Social Media Marketing

Today, almost everyone has at least one active social network, 2 billion people connected almost all the time due to the current mobile technologies and a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to find people to take and enhance their business, making an impact on society through the different services or products offered.

With a huge population, it is the perfect way for any vendor can develop techniques, skills and learn the environment in which it operates. Therefore, the option can grab this amount of people stop developing your business, is the well-known Social Media Marketing to dominate the social networks.

Definitely social networks are here to stay, not only fail to communicate in real time with people at a distance as never before had other means of communication, but they are also a means to develop business.

Pay for Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is still by far the largest site of social networks in the world, with 890 million daily active users and 1350 million global users. By 2014, it earned nearly $ 12.5 billion in revenue solely from advertising. In addition to massive leap is added in revenue, it is the sharp decline in the percentage of traffic coming to fans and followers free.

Facebook has publicly admitted it is decreasing hold “free trade” with the time to 1-2%. So for a business owner would have to plan strategically to use Facebook, and then sell their products and services to its fans, would have to have an advertising budget. Even a small budget can create a median return of Facebook.

4 Things You Should Not Do In The Social Media Marketing

Do not Trust Marketing Push

A common mistake is thinking that created a social network is “easy to use and can be exploited on a large scale overnight” in the end, may be the surprise fall in frustration, as they invest in advertising to their products, but nobody wants to buy them.

To the extent that potential consumers resort to the option of reporting their page spamming or bad publicity. So not only seeks a “Premium” package also consider the quality you offer and most of all, how you attract people to achieve them hooked to your product or service.

Beware with Errors

The error is that hardly can start using all social networks with a single blow but remember that each network is handled differently and need successful strategies for each.

Where mismanagement, will only cause an erroneous dissemination of information and image of the company (potential users will be lost). In conclusion, it will result in a mess of money critical levels; it will end up being a bad investment.

Leave the Simulation

A large percentage of social media initiatives fail for not having enough ideas to disseminate information in a different and novel way, for this reason become monotonous, causing disinterest of his followers. Therefore, it takes a moment to focus on your true interests, offer quality content and work with effort and commitment in hand with social networks; otherwise if you expect to become viral from one moment to another it is very unlikely to occur.

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