Travelling In France

France is the second largest country in Europe and also a very popular tourism destination. The country is literally under invasion by more than 80 million foreign tourists each year. As comparison, Spain or the second most visited country is visited by only about 60 million tourists. The Eiffel Tower is a popular attraction that attracts about 7 million tourists each year. Other than its rich history and culture, the country is also known for its skiing, fabulous countryside and great beaches. Flat plains and gently rolling hills are often found in the western and northern parts of the country, while the southern parts are known for their warm beaches.

France is known internationally for its exquisite European-style cuisine. However, we should be aware of people who seek to make quick profits by establishing bad restaurants. Fortunately, there are many fine restaurants at our disposal in the country, but we should know how to find them. It shouldn’t be a problem to find somewhere to eat, as long as we could find decent meals at very realistic prices. However, menu can be somewhat limited in some restaurants. In most villages and small towns, we could find the best local restaurants to get food with reasonable quality.

People in France usually leave an extra tip if they are happy with the service and food. France is also known as the home of high quality wine and it is the place to go for any wine lover. The variety and quality available can be quite breathtaking, however we should be careful with the amount we drink. French laws are quite harsh on people who drive while being intoxicated. In some areas, beer is also popular and one of the more popular variant of French beer is Biere de Garde. The Ministry of Tourism designates local hotels in four grades, between one and four stars.

All hotels are designated with blue shield, which exhibits their ratings. By law, any hotel should properly display their raying outside the establishment. This will allow visitors to see the rating and they could determine the best price for staying in the hotel. Hotels in city centers are usually small with fewer rooms, so we should book in advance. We should also be aware of the parking arrangements if we are planning to rent a car. When visiting rural areas, it is a good idea to visit Bed and Breakfasts. In France, these accommodations are known as Chambres d’hotes. Gite is a good idea if we plan to have a longer stay.

Gite is a more comprehensive accommodation that includes kitchen and sometimes a living room. We could stay on this place on a weekly basis. Some people prefer to stay in France for a couple of months to better enjoy the country. In this case, we could look for villa, apartment and houses from reputable websites. This is a good option if we plan to travel together with the family. More luxurious accommodation could include a private swimming pool.

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