Misconceptions About Bed & Breakfasts

Many people prefer to stay in bed & breakfasts. The overall high costs of travels could force people to consider staying in more affordable accommodations, instead of in expensive hotels. However, there are some misconceptions that we need to be aware of. Many people think that B&Bs are second-rate accommodation and they are always cheap. In reality, good consumers should always look for better values. B&Bs are able to offer improved values for our money and they are economical alternatives. It is actually possible to find upscale amenities when we are staying in B&B, such as candlelit dinners, daily fresh flowers and luxury linens. They could also offer personalized, special touches that won’t be available in higher priced hotels.

It is also commonly believed that breakfast in B&B is family style and we do it with other guests. However, there are some B&Bs that have restaurant-style eating places where we can have romantic dining experiences as well. They may also offer Wine, Dine and Romance packages that includes chocolates, wine and fresh flowers. It is also long believed that B&Bs offer only common bathrooms, however, it is the time to know the truth. Many of them have private baths, as well as in-room Jacuzzis. Bed & Breakfasts are also not only for older couples. Many couples below thirty find it comfortable to stay in these accommodations. These lovely inns welcome honeymooners, high school teenagers, grandparents and a whole family.

One common concern about B&Bs is that we will have a limited privacy. In reality, many B&Bs are also quite romantic and quite with mature atmosphere. However, some have policies that prohibit children to stay. Some older B&Bs could also have thinner walls, so we should still be aware of the limitations. In some cases, it seems that B&Bs are quite infamous for their unhealthy and fattening meals. However, we could inform them about our special dietary preferences and they will suggest us to consume specific meals. We could have the flexibility to adjust portion sizes and get more oatmeal and fruits for our daily consumptions. The chefs will pride themselves for adapting to others’ requests.

Also, B&Bs are more than just rooms and they don’t have to be boring. Some of them offer additional activities for guests free of charge. They could be located near some public parks and other facilities where we can do boating, tennis, golf, skiing and boating. Many B&Bs are also located in small towns or villages where we can join with the local community to experience their unique lifestyle. This is something that we can’t find when we stay in large hotels at very touristy locations.

Although they are called “Bed & Breakfasts”, they don’t offer only breakfast. Many also provide lunch and a la carte dinner. They even offer picnic lunch at nearby local parks to allow people enjoy outdoor dining during warm summer days. Another benefit of staying in B&Bs is that we may get special offers as loyal customers.

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