Exotic Places While At Home: It’s Not Just For Movie Stars Anymore

For a long time we have wondered how actors come up with all these pictures and video scenes in entirely different geographical locations within short spans of time. Most of us have known that some scenes are made completely in the studio and we wondered how they did it. Well, now you can make your own video with whatever background you want without investing a hefty sum in a green screen Software, just by using the Movavi Video Editor’s awesome Chroma Key effect.

What is the Chroma key Effect?

We have all seen the grand effects of video editing on screen as well as elsewhere. Movie stars walking away from exploding cars, burning buildings or scenes where they transition a bunch of people in between mountains, lakes and gardens. The Movavi Video Editor is an amazing piece of software which allows you to do just that. It allows you to make videos of yourself against any backdrop you want and it’s available at an affordable price. The software also allows you to choose the backgrounds or animations you need from its media partner site at reduced rates.

How Does It Work?

The first thing you have to do is download the Movavi Video Editor. After proper installation, the only thing that you have to do is shoot a video of yourself in a solid color backdrop. Then you import this file along with the other file which contains either the background picture or the video which you want to be the backdrop. You can add multiple video tracks if you want to or even insert visual effects. After you are satisfied with the video tracks and images all you have to do is simply make a mouse-click and your video is ready. The process is fairly simple and needs very little enterprise from the part of the user.

Overall Utility of the Software:

The software comes with a sleek visually appealing interface coupled with remarkable features. All you have to do is shoot a video of yourself in a solid color backdrop and also provide a file with the video you want to be in the background. The software takes care of all the rest. This makes it extremely user-friendly so that now you don’t need to go to a professional for your modelling and acting stints; you can make your own cool videos sitting comfortably at home. The software also helps provide you with backdrops and animations and spectacular visual effects. You really couldn’t ask for more.