Are You Aware About The New Trends In SEO?

Are You Aware About The New Trends In SEO?

When it comes to the online marketing the first thing that you would hit your brain is the SEO the Search Engine Optimization. And few of the people count SEO is one of the very technical or time consuming complex job but actually, if analysis part of SEO for some project were performed well then in later stage you would find it easy. However, a practice is needed or single success in SEO can also define the future success. On the web, you would find list of experts that calling themselves SEO gurus and disclosing some weird SEO tips just to get more popularity, believe it SEO is simple and easy if you know it correct. But you have to upgrade your knowledge with the latest happenings in the Search Engine algorithm updates.

Why should be Careful about SEO?

On an average, 60% of traffic come on a website from organic sources like Google search engine and this 60% traffic is result of better rankings in Search Engines. And if you need more visitors, you would have to do better ranks and it will happen only with the correct SEO.

Are You Aware About The New Trends In SEO?

What is Real SEO?

Yes, SEO is old concept and it is trending since past 5 years. Every month, SEO is becoming stronger and intelligent. However, still there exist people who are not aware about the SEO. Even if they are aware, they are actually doing it wrong. Well, real SEO is about telling about your site to search engine or by which search engine can understand your site better. And real SEO is not regarding the hacking, tricks or loopholes. It is about giving proper details about your content to the search engine, such your site could be better understandable by Google.

There exists various tools that you can use for recording your site’s performance and if you are performing SEO since months for your site and still can’t see the positive results in tools like Webmaster or Analytics then consider you have something wrong, or your site’s keyword is hunt by competition. So, what you will learn from this, you have to do the keyword analysis before starting doing SEO, because sometimes the keyword would typical to rank or it might take up to an year. For your keyword research help, you can use the Google keyword planner tool. Also, you can come to know about the searches of a keyword, it happens sometimes few people pick some keyword without knowing the search volume and they start working on it, and even after ranking it they won’t get any traffic because there is no searches for it. So, keyword analysis and competitor analysis are the most important factor, which should not be ignored.

So, this was all about that why you should be careful about SEO, even if you are doing it, or planning it or would be doing it. And if you plan to go with some professional services then search for SEO Services in Kerala and you would get the perfect service provider.