Advantages and Disadvantages Of Social Networks For Organizations

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Social Networks For Organizations


Today there are various platforms where you can advertise, but no doubt Facebook is an interesting platform to make visible our business and products we offer.

There are many brands that have some sort of advertising space within Facebook, as are the ‘Fanpages’, plus the new era has changed the organizational structures, creating new jobs within the same organization, such as managers social networking, the ‘Community Manager’.

What follows are some advantages thanks to Facebook are obtained:

  1. Advanced Segmentation, low costs, determining factors such as age and geographic location of the target market.
  2. Visibility on a massive scale thanks to campaigns to promote our publications.
  3. Variety in our ads, such as images, videos, posts, events, surveys, etc.
  4. Publish ads scheduled for certain dates, which enables the person in charge of social networks can publish important announcements on certain dates, even performing other activities in other social networks.

Just as there are advantages, there are also disadvantages:

  1. Risks that our ads are not promptly seen by people whom we want to reach are run.
  2. Facebook is a little more informal comparison as an advertising platform is Google, since in Facebook do not have clear online help or advertising policies, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Social Networks For Organizations


Additionally, other social networks Twitter else has presence and today it is possible to run ads, which can be a very useful tool for SMEs, and not only for large companies with big budgets. For this reason, consider Twitter as a social network in which organizations should be present.

What follows are some of the advantages that come from ads on Twitter:

  1. You can set segmentation and determine who show our listings with some precision, using keywords or users who share similar interests, this way you can adapt an ad and send it to whom most.
  2. Given the option “promoted Account” can build our own audience, attracting new followers and setting interest segmentation, followers or keywords.
  3. It is possible to generate leads, but today in the form of e-mails.

Besides the advantages, we must be clear about some of the disadvantages of ads on Twitter:

  1. Analysis of the campaigns is not as transparent as for example in AdWords, with the exception that occurs in real time.
  2. It is a little more difficult to determine how many visits we have with our ads and Twitter are included in all possible ways of interaction with our ads.

Many more platforms on which you can create advertisements that may be taken into account when designing an action plan, such as Instagram, YouTube, E-mail, etc.

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